george schickel


Love the line about planting a lightbulb and thinking a chandelier would grow😉

Emmett: Shouldn’t you do the gardner do that? 
George: The gardner’s good for something. It’s a newgardener. 
[Emmett laughs.] 
George: But these needs special care. 
[Emmett crouch beside George.] 
Emmett: Who would think that this little thing like thiscan contain something so beautiful. At least my motherwas a gardener. Once I plant a little bulb. I thoughedwhen it comes spring it would be a chandelier. Dump, huh? 
George: Charming, nevertheless. 
Emmett: Oh, I want to thank you for the diner. I brought us some lunch. 
George: You really must love Burger Queen. 
Emmett: Fags want some Schickles. 
George: That’s very thoughtful of you, Fetch. 
Emmett: Actually, my real name isn’t Fetch. It’s, uh,it’s Emmett. 
George: Nice to meet you, Emmett. 

[Both sitting on the ground and open the bag.] 
George: Why not, right here! 



QAF: George and Emmett: The Magic of Love

George and Emmett’s relationship may not be the most popular in the QAF fandom, but theirs was a sweet romance that was far too short.  They both really cared about each other and helped each other to learn more about themselves and grow.

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