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“The following morning, The Beatles took an hour-long, glass-topped boat trip along Amsterdam’s canal system. Fans hung banners wishing Ringo a speedy recovery while those wanting a closer look actually dived into the water to swim to the boat, only to be roughly manhandled on board by Dutch police, which annoyed John Lennon in particular”. - From ‘Looking Through You’, and scanned by @thebeatlesforlife :)


Scans - A postcard from George and Olivia (featuring a self-portrait of their shadows) sent to Ringo in February 1978, scanned from Ringo’s Postcards From The Boys (originally posted a few years ago: here).

Written by George, it reads:

Lots of love from Hawaii…..
George + Olivia
ॐ †

Ringo Starr: “This is from George and Olivia in Hawaii - what a great shot. It’s actually a home-made shot of their shadows. It’s cool. This was at Woodrow Wilson when I lived in Los Angeles in ‘78. This was the house that burned down. It was when I was doing my television special Ognir Rats and George came to play a part. But before he arrived he had an accident on a mountain in Maui. He’d fallen on his face but he still came because that was what he was like.”



“A homburg-hatted John joins in on working out the arrangement of ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ for Ringo’s benefit. Lennon was presumably in a more coherent state than the previous week when he accidentally ingested some LSD during a session. George Martin, blissfully unaware of the drug’s powerful hallucinatory effects, had lead John up to the roof to get some air after he’d complained of feeling ill. On learning of this Paul and George both dashed upstairs to rescue him. Paul clutches an acetate of one of the Pepper tracks while George pulls up a chair to work with John on the guitar parts.” - From ‘Looking Through You’ and scanned by @thebeatlesforlife :)

Scan - A page from George Harrison’s diary, 1969

Scanned from Living in the Material World

This is from the day George left The Beatles during the “Let It Be” sessions, 10 January 1969. George wrote:

Got up went to Twickenham rehearsed until lunch time - left the Beatles - went home and in the Evening did King of Fuh at Trident Studio - had chips later at Klaus and Christines went home.

George Harrison and Paul MccCartney during the Let It Be sessions, January 1969. Photo by Ethan Russell (?).

spongeweed70508 asks: “Does Paul still piss you off (tell us the truth)”

george_harrison_live: “Scan not a friend with a microscopic glass – You know his faults – Then let his foibles pass.”

george_harrison_live: “Old Victorian Proverb.”

george_harrison_live: “I’m sure there’s enough about me that pisses him off, but I think we have now grown old enough to realize”

george_harrison_live: “that we’re both pretty damn cute!” - Yahoo web chat with George Harrison, 15 February 2001