george rockwell

I hate Illinois Nazis.

Jake Blues, “The Blues Brothers”

–side note: I live a mile and a half from where the founder of the American Nazi Party, George Lincoln Rockwell, was born. It never, ever quite goes away.

BTW, I don’t like the rest of them, either.

Just to say I do photo/master studies once in a while 6 months.

The first is a 15min-45min Clausen color study (yes, I can’t keep track of the time). The second is a study based on a photo of Josephine Skriver—plot twist: It doesn’t look like her, and I tried to recreate a Rockwell/pin-up atmosphere.

The notes are examples of what was going on in my mind at the time. This is the sort of thing I’m thinking when I say I study colors/light only by staring at them like a dumbass.


Só para dizer que faço estudos de vez em quando a cada 6 meses.

O primeiro é um estudo de cores de 15-45min de Clausen (sim, não sei ficar de olho no tempo). O segundo é um estudo de uma foto de Josephine Skriver—plot twist: Não se parece com ela, e tentei recriar uma atmosfera mais Rockwell/pin-up.

As anotações são exemplos do que se passava peloa minha cabeça no momento. Esse é o tipo de coisa na qual penso quando digo que estudo cores/luz só encarando feito uma idiota.

Once Upon a Marvel: “Once Upon a Time” Cast Members That Have Appeared in Marvel Films & Shows So Far

Josh Dallas - Prince Charming - Frandral (Thor)

Sebastian Stan - Jefferson - Bucky Barnes/The Winter Solider

Rebecca Mader - Zelena/Wicked Witch of the West - Shield Agent (Iron Man 3)

Wil Traval - Keith/The Sheriff of Nottingham - Will Simpson/Nuke

Alan Dale - King George - Councilman Rockwell (Captain America: TWS)

Amy Acker - Nova - Audrey Nathan (Agents of Shield)

American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell confronting Martin Luther King Jr., 1965 George Lincoln Rockwell, head of the American Nazi Party, confronts Dr. Martin Luther King, 1964 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, in front of the Dallas County, Selma, Alabama. Both Rockwell and King agree to hold a debate later that evening. Rockwell is barred from the evening meeting because King was supposedly assaulted earlier that day by National State’s Rights Party activist James Robinson. Within three years of this confrontation, both of them would be assassinated. King and other prominent civil rights leaders led several hundred Blacks to the courthouse to launch a voter registration drive. A voter registration drive was an effort undertaken by Martin Luther King (and The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ) to register to vote the Black population who were eligible but still not registered. The American Nazi Party (ANP) was an American political party founded by George Lincoln Rockwell. Rockwell initially called it the World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists (WUFENS), but later renamed it the American Nazi Party in 1960 to attract maximum media attention. The party was based largely upon the ideals and policies of Adolf Hitler’s NSDAP in Germany during the Third Reich but also expressed allegiance to the Constitutional principles of the U.S.’s Founding Fathers. It also espoused Holocaust denial. Interesting stuff: The American Nazi Party was focused on racial separation and George Lincoln Rockwell felt that the Nation of Islam and Elijah Muhammad had compatible ideas about racial separation and Jewish conspiracy theories. They achieved a sort of alliance with the Nation of Islam. They even attended one of their meetings, producing an iconic image of George Lincoln Rockwell and two other white supremacist sitting in the first row of a Black Rally.