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The Heirs of Winterfell 

This started as a series of quick sketches while listening to an audiobook late one night. I’ve been trying to establish a cohesive look for each of the Seven Kingdoms and have been having a difficult time coming up with things that I like. This was me toying around with some viking inspired looks. 

I think we can all agree…

that every single thing that had happened in Westeros Game of Thrones would have been avoided if Ned Stark was still alive.


Feel free to send in requests of the characters from Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Criminal Minds, The 100 and The Walking Dead for imagines and I will try and do ships if asked. In the list I have included characters I am willing to write about, whether it’s for Y/N or an OC. I don’t know if I can actually write smut since I haven’t to so if it’s ever requested I will try my best.   


Jon Snow 

wolf girl ; part 1   part 2

Robb Stark

Bran Stark

Sansa Stark

Daenerys Targaryen 

Gendry Waters

Podrick Payne


Harry Potter

Ron Weasley

Fred Weasley 

George Weasley

Charlie Weasley

Neville Longbottom

First kiss

Draco Malfoy

Cedric Diggory

Remus Lupin

Siruis Black

Newt Scamander


Steve Harrington

Jim Hopper

Mike Wheeler

Nancy Wheeler

Will Byers

Jonathan Byers

Lucas Sinclair 

Dustin Henderson



Rick Grimes


Carl Grimes

Daryl Dixon

Paul ‘Jesus’ Rovia 


— “It’s just a sword,” she said, aloud this time… but it wasn’t. Needle was Robb and Bran and Rickon, her mother and her father, even Sansa. Needle was Winterfell’s grey walls, and the laughter of its people. Needle was the summer snows, Old Nan’s stories, the heart tree with its red leaves and scary face, the warm earthy smell of the glass gardens, the sound of the north wind rattling the shutters of her room. Needle was Jon Snow’s smile. He used to mess my hair and call me “little sister,” she remembered, and suddenly there were tears in her eyes.

(…) The Many-Faced God can have the rest, she thought, he can’t have this.