george raynes


Okay, so, the beautiful Rayne Cat’s Eye and I have decided that our next cosplay is going to be Alan/Alanna and George from The Song of the Lioness (a book series by Tamora Pierce). I’m playing ‘Alan’ as she appeared in 'In the Hand of the Goddess’, or, book two of the series. She’s playing George - yay for height differences!

At the moment I’m working on costume ideas, as no huge detail is given in regards to clothing in the series. I made Rayne a shirt, which I designed, for her George cosplay - and she loved it. However, I loved it, too! So I made one for me, whoops!

Anyway, that’s MY 'George’ shirt, down the bottom although I’m playing Alan. Far above it is me showing off that I am in fact 'copper haired’.

Above it is my 'leather’ pants. They’re actually just white jeans underneath it all, but hey, it’s appearance that matters (in this situation). :P

So yeah!

For George, Rayne is buying some (actual) leather pants, and she’s wearing a shirt that’s almost the splitting image of the one shown above. Leather boots and gold earrings will join the costume at some point, too.

For Alan/Alanna, I’ve got those 'leather’ pants,  and brown boots. I’m making a brown shirt and a royal red vest/tunic. 

So that’s our next cosplay!