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Discomfort pt. 2 -Mischievous

Anonymous asked: Oh my god I loved “Discomfort”!! It was absolutely perfect. You totally made my day, thank you so much! Would you mind doing a second part?

Part 2/2 of “Discomfort”. Once again, I do not own Jon Snow. He belongs to George R.R.Martin. Ghost still belongs to Jon.

Warnings: Awkward Fluff, Ghost being a sneaky direwolf.

Pairings: Jon Snow x fem!reader, mentions of Ghost.

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You immediately began to stutter out an apology and Jon did the same. His face was as red as yours felt. “I, uh, I have duties to attend to. You should get some rest. Ghost will protect you,” Jon said before quickly turning and leaving the room. You took a few deep breaths, trying to calm your nerves and racing heart. That was physically the closest you’d ever been to a man that was not family and Jon certainly was attractive.

              Ghost let out a huff and laid back down on the floor next to the fire. You pulled Jon’s furs tighter around you and took a seat in the chair by the hearth. You weren’t certain you could remain in this room for your entire stay, but for now, it was warm, comfortable and away from prying eyes. You sat gazing into the fire, listening to the wood crackling and trying to think of something other than your encounter with the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. After all, nothing could come of your attraction to the man you hardly knew.

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anonymous asked:

I've been meaning to ask you, will you do a write up on what you think the death of Lady means for Sansa? I do think it foreshadowed the death of Sansa Stark- the identity, not the person. As we see now, she's Alayne Stone. But beyond that, what are the ramifications of being the only Stark child without a wolf? And, Arya doesn't have her wolf either, but Nymeria is alive, leading a pack in the Riverlands, and Arya wargs with her every night from Braavos. Their connection is only strengthening.

Well, the whole connection between Stark and direwolf is interesting and very symbolic. It’s also very powerful and important, which means that Sansa and Arya have had to struggle through being separated from theirs.

It’s pretty complex in my opinion.

Unpopular opinion:

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Below the cut you’ll find a good amount of various movie and television quotes that you can use for your character. It is sorted after years until 2008, after that you’ll find quotes from different years. I’ve tried my best to collect quotes that aren’t too common, but yet need to be used more. Please don’t copy and claim this list as your own. It took me quite long to find them all. A like or reblog would make me really happy!

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