george plush

Guess what, guys? We are getting Captain Underpants toys! They include figures, talking plushies, a pranks kit, and the Turbo Toilet 2000!

The only mistake? They didn’t make a Sizeinator 2000 toy! (In case you don’t know, that’s the official name of the gun Professor Poopypants has, according to the handbook!) I hope they do make one someday!

People in the CU fandom, I need help. I am not too happy right now. Okay, for some reason, I’m having the hardest time finding these plushies online. I’m told they’re at ToysRUs, but the site says they’re all out of stock. I could maybe call in to the nearest store to see if they have them in person, but it may not be likely. I just dont understand how they ran out so quickly, the movie hasn’t been out a month. I found a couple listings on eBay, but they’re asking about 100 bucks for the whole set, and I wouldn’t spend that much money on plushies (except if I buy a bunch of Build a Bear plushies at once, but that only happened once or twice lol). I dunno, if someone could help me out (or even gift me a plushie or two since my birthday is on the 30th this month), that’d be awesome I guess.


In celebration of 1000 posts, I have decided to do a GIVEAWAY! YAYYYY!!

Sorry, but this particular giveaway is for the current followers! So you must follow this blog-and it’s not for new followers who join after I post this giveaway either. I screencapped the 608 followers I have currently following me-I’m sorry but that’s how I want to do this giveaway. However the next one I do, if all goes well, will be free game for all. :)

Now on to how this works…


  • reblog this post!
  • sorry, but this particular giveaway is just for the followers I currently have! So you have to be a current follower!
  • Be willing to give out your address so that I can send you the prizes.
  • Only one winner! Good luck!
  • A deck of yu yu hakusho playing cards. Like slap jack, you’ll love slap Hiei! …I’m sorry. Lame joke. Moving on…
  • A post card From Japan, featuring Kurama, Yusuke, Hiei, and Kuwabara.
  • A home made George the ogre plush!!

So between December the 25th  and January the 1st is when I will be announcing the winner. Between those two date, at random, I will announce and end to the contest, and after a use of the random number generator, I will Post on the YYH blog who has won, and then contact said winner. Then I will mail out the prizes to the lucky winner :D!! YAY!  Good luck. :D 
~love the artist
Better views of the prizes here: