george of the union


“i wrote 360 in a period of my life where i felt pretty vulnerable. there were a bunch of people being nice to my face, but behind my back things were different. i think everyone experiences it, but it didn’t actually stop for me until i learned to draw the line. and essentially, i think that’s what this song is about; being able to have the confidence to stick up for yourself and.. be yourself.”  —  George Shelley, 360 Introduction


North Wood!

I Wish George North Would Lose The Pants, When He Dons The Lycra. No Matter Though, The Folau Looter Can Don A Sack Cloth And Still Elicit Excitement From Me.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


I Got You, Babe!

Is It Possible That Elliot Daly And Owen Farrell Are Looking Towards A Bright Future For England And Themselves!

Damn Right, Baby!



2015 Met Gala | China: Through The Looking Glass | Couples

{Fashion in the captions ↑}

Sexy in The Sheds!

The T Levels Are Through The Roof In That Shed!

Woof, Baby!