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Hi guys!!!! Here’s the Paleyfest in full. 

audio and video is a bit out of sync towards the middle bit, i’ll try to re-edit it after school ends at the end of the month cuz will be busy with papers and exams.

it really freaks me out in general when the whites start talking about who falls under certain racial categories as if these categories are real things that are set up to organise race, which is a real thing……. I’ve been privy to white people discussing which populations fall under which racial designations not as a matter of what they’re racialised as but as a matter of what they are and it’s honestly so disturbing…… race is fake my friends!!! you made it up!!! go hang out with your buddies Arthur de Gobineau or Herbert Hope Risley or something!! say hi to  Samuel George Morton for me!


So I’m FB chatting talking to @yellehughes Hiiiii!) and she let me know it’s Boy George birthday.
Happy birthday Boy !
But why am I posting an A-ha song then?
Welllllll, I’m tipsy. It’s Humid AF. I’m outside in the shade watching the girls play in the kiddie pool on my fourth frozen margaritas and after watching Time and War both by Boy George and The Culture Club. I watch In a Big Country, then Your Love and then this song and I forgot how fine AF 80s Morton is (well he is just as fine today and still hitting those high notes). So yeah, just watching Morton sing about sun shinning on tv.


This Day in History: “Taboo” closes on Broadway after only 100 performances at the Plymouth Theatre (currently named the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre) on February 8th, 2004.

The show was produced by Rosie O'Donnell and starred Boy George as Leigh Bowery, Raúl Esparza as Philip Sallon, and Euan Morton as George O'Dowd. 


The TGIT casts made a splash at our Shondaland party.

Photo Credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images.