george monkey

when you are standing in the middle of the crowd at a concert for the band you love the most, and you feel the drum beat vibrate under your feet and through your body, and it feels like the drum beat is your heart beat… that is you. you are alive. you are there, and you are what you listen to. the beat of the drum is truly the beat of your heart. WE live for the MUSIC.

“Maybe I just wanna be yours;”

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Ey, hello everyone! Here’s my first video edit of Joji. I hope y’all like it because there will be more of cancer crew ones along with general ff characters. 


Sorry for being late with the moodboard requests and the upcoming fanfics. Now that I’ve finished the video edit, I will focus more on these.    

white album explained (part 2)
  • birthday: paul's that guy who's like hey happy birthday and the other person is like ? it's not my birthday and paul is like oh haha i thought we had the same birthday weird :^)
  • yer blues: john wants drugs
  • mother nature's son: the most passively egotistical song a person could write (until let it be)
  • everybody's got something to hide: john takes paul's hello goodbye how to write a song advice but the end product wasn't as good
  • sexy sadie: even the instruments are dripping with sarcasm
  • helter skelter: PAULL IS!!!!! INTO SERIAL KILLERS!!!!!!!! (i bet your parent(s) said that at least once if they've heard this song)
  • long, long, long: is anything playing hang on *turns up volume* oh yeah it's just long, long, long
  • revolution 1: so weird bc it sounds like past john writing to future john complaining about like bagism, or like a song paul would write when he and john were doing that cute back and forth thing for a while
  • honey pie: when the beatles' time machine breaks down in the 1930's, they need to use the power of music to save the day. written + driected by paul mccartney, executive producer george martin
  • savoy truffle: proof that chocolate is both sexy and scary
  • cry baby cry: rich people doing casual rich people things like painting a painting and holding a seance
  • revolution 9: become naked *crowd chants*
  • good night: really cute but kinda awkward if you're listening to the album at like 1pm


INK - Coldplay

AT MY BEST- Machine gun kelly, Hailee Steinfeld

FEEL SOMETHING- Jaymes young

EPIPHANY - Futuristic, NF

SNAP OUT OF IT - Arctic Monkeys 

LOST - Shawn Mendes

THE BEACH - The Neighbourhood



OVER THE CREEK - George Ezra

BARCELONA - George Ezra


I LOVE YOU - Woodkid

RENEGADES - X Ambassadors


MESS IS MINE - Vance Joy

RIPTIDE -  Vance Joy


GEORGIA -  Vance Joy


Indiana Jones and the Busters of Ghosts.

Castle Brunwald, the Nazi base in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), was a carry-over from an earlier, rejected script, Indiana Jones and the Monkey King, originally outlined by Lucas in 1984, shortly after the film Ghostbusters. That script saw Indy investigating the castle after a series of murders by a ghost.

As the opening scene, the spooky stuff would have been unrelated to the rest of the Monkey King story, which was about the Fountain of Youth and pygmies and peaches and Sun Wu King and the Lost City and Nazis with mechanical arms (see early Toht, image 2).

The first image shows an early concept illustration of the castle.