george michael you are an idiot

the best parts of the green day concert in dc last night

- A person in a pink bunny suit came out to hype up the crowd and then was dragged off by the legs. idk

- Bohemian Rhapsody blasting through the speakers before they took the stage, followed by Blitzkrieg Bop 

- They opened with Know Your Enemy. Throwing some major shade at the orange man there.

- during Bang Bang, Billie yelled “I want you all to sing so loud that that son of a bitch in the White House can hear you!”

-a little speech from Billie about being tired of conspiracy theories and wanting the truth, and how people need to spread love and tolerance, not hate

- When Billie had the lights turned out during Holiday, he had the crowd chant “No Racism Zone! No Sexism Zone! No Homophobia! And No More Walls!”

- water guns and a tee shirt cannon

- “HEY-OOOOO” all night long

- 2 kids were brought up to sing and got to crowd surf. The guy who sang Longview absolutely killed it, and after Billie got the mic back, he exclaimed “You trying to steal my job?”

- Mike busted out some nice moves and legwork

- A 16 yr old girl was brought up to play guitar, and you could tell she was shy but Billie encouraged her and tried to make her comfortable onstage. She received a standing ovation and cheers and THEN SHE GOT TO KEEP THE GUITAR

- Billie had the people from Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. cheer separately to gauge how many people from each area there was and then yelled out “Wow, there are a lot of Maryland folks here” (which, hell yeah, that’s where I’m from)

- After that, he ran off stage and onto the floor area to sing and play which was hilarious to watch bc there was a bunch of people suddenly migrating over to him like chicks drawn to a mama bird, and the security guys kept going back and forth trying to get people give Billie some space and you could just tell they were really exasperated.

- kickass harmonica solo 

-they played Burnout, which I got really excited about bc I really love that song and had practiced it the previous day along with concert staples just for fun, I didn’t expect them to actually play it

- “We all come from fucked up backgrounds, but when we come together like this, we can be fucked up together!”

-Tre sang the opening lines to shout while Billie played drums, and then skipped around the stage before going back to drums. Billie smacked his butt 

- Billie pulled at a fucking kazoo while Jason played the saxophone

- little tribute to George Michael

- Billie had the crowd sing Hey Jude

- At the end of American Idiot, Billie yelled “FUCK YOU, DONALD TRUMP!!!”

- They played Jesus of Suburbia, fuck yeah

in short, it was an awesome night and I hope I remember it for as long as I live

HBO War YouTuber Headcanons

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George Luz
George has a review channel
He sits at his computer at his desk where his camera is set up
A lot of the time, you can see his (big ass) mic in the shot. He doesn’t care.
He’s almost always wearing headphones. Either apple-type earbuds with the cord under his shirt, or giant headphones, one covering an ear, one tucked behind his other ear.
He’s really onto hi-fi audio tech, it’s where most of his spending money goes.
He reviews music, tv shows, movies, books, video games. Anything popular and anything he likes. 

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I mean, if the two of us vote against P-Hound and you and P-Hound vote against you, then it’s two against two, right?
Wow, you think- You think that he’d vote against me? I mean-
Okay, new plan.

Tag game

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  1. Cher - Believe
  2. David Bowie - Heroes
  3. Cyndi Lauper - True Colors
  4. Boyz II Men - End of the Road
  5. Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
  6. Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
  7. Green Day - American Idiot
  8. Michael Jackson - Beat It
  9. George Michael - Freedom! 90
  10. Tony! Toni Tone! - If I Had No Loot

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Hogwarts Series #4

Past Times

Mikey: Being in your second years, and having best friends such as the trio, there was always trouble to be in. You weren’t caught half as much as they were, but of course, you were there sometimes, and you’d served plenty of detentions with them, even though it wasn’t even close to Christmas yet. And when they weren’t getting in trouble, they were practicing Quidditch, or discussing the Chamber, which neither you nor Mikey wanted a part in. Well, Mike played Quidditch because Harry dragged him into it, but that was the only other thing he wanted to do. And today was a big match against Slytherin, so you and Hermione found yourselves in the stands, bundled up so you wouldn’t freeze while the boys were down on the pitch, getting ready for the game.

Michael was one of the best Chaser’s on the team, and he scored three point for Gryffindor in the first few minutes of the game. The beater for Slythering was getting fed up with him, and you knew by the smirk on Michael’s face he was egging him off. “Oh my God, look, Snape’s bewitching the ball to go after Harry.” Hermione said, pointing to the large Bludger that was wizzing around him and Malfoy. “I have to stop it! Stay here.” She said, and you nodded, eyes flicking between Harry and Michael, who currently had the ball and was zooming down the pitch. He ducked just as a Bludger came flying his way, tossing the Quaffle into the hoop. Everyone in Gryffindor cheered, and it felt like you were the loudest, but it was short lived when everyone realized where the Bludger was headed. Straight for Harry Potter.

He came shooting across the field, Malfoy on his tail, when suddenly Malfoy had an operators error and took a dive into the sand. Harry, standing up on his broom, was hit in the arm by the flying ball, skidding sideways, his broom left abandoned on the ground. Everyone gasped in terror, leaning over the barriers while the players rushed down to his side. Miraculously, Harry had caught the snitch, and Gryffindor won the game. You rushed onto the field to be with your friends, hugging Michael in congratulations and checking to see if Harry was okay. “Sorry, mate, would have taken the Bludger for you if it was different circumstances.” Michael said, Ron laughing at his side. “’S alright mate,” He said in a strained voice. “At least we won.” He said, and Michael turned to you, grinning, Hermione coming up on your other side. “Yeah, at least we won.”

Calum: Your favorite past time was being in the library, honestly, or just when you got to hang out with the boys. But pranking with them became a close second, and this week all the boys had been going around, getting at each other. You knew your time was coming, but for now, everyone was focused on Calum, and the prank they’d been planning for him. Originally, you weren’t going to go through with it, just study for your Transfiguration test comming up, and Calum had told you he’d help you…until the war, that is. But just as you were coming out of your last class, Luke and George grabbed you, pulling you off to the side. “We need you to get Cal down into the kitchens in a few hours. Keep him busy until then.” Luke said, and you gazed up at them, your eyebrow quirked. You’d gotten sassier since hanging out with Calum constantly, and the boys all noticed, and loved it. “What’s the plan? I’m not getting caught up in the crossfire, am I?” I asked, and George grinned. “We’d never let that happen to our favorite little second year.” Luke said, ruffling your hair and giving you a cheeky smile. “Get off me! Fine, I’ll help. What do you suppose I do to keep him busy until then?” You asked, and they looked at each other with ‘that look’ on their faces, but it went away as soon as you noticed it. “I dunno, take him to Hagrid’s, walk by the lake, buy him dinner, whatever you can think of.” George said, and you rolled your eyes, fixing your bag. “I’ll force him to study, how about that?” You asked, and they laughed. “He’ll love that.”

Calum didn’t love that. “I’m so tired of bloody books and writing and quizzing you.” He groaned, stretching his long legs out in front of him, throwing his head back and yawning. You rolled your eyes, throwing a candy at him from your stash they had gotten for you at Honeydukes in Hogsmead. “Shut up, you know this makes you twelve times smarter.” You said, giggling as he searched for the lemon drop in his sweater. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. Hey, I saw the twins go down to the kitchens, what was up with that?” He asked, and you shrugged. “Dunno, they haven’t said anything about one of their runs for sweets lately.” you lied, and it came naturally, thanks to the boys. He shrugged himself. “We’ve been here for hours, can we please go find them?” He asked, and you rolled your eyes, huffing before starting to clean up your books. “Yessss!” He cheered, that cute grin on his face, displaying dimples. I shook the thoughts from my head, grabbed my candy and walked with him out of the common room. He talked my ear off all the way down to the kitchens, only shutting up when he tickled the pear, and then we were in.

It was like a war when he stepped in. Luke jumped out and Calum screamed like a little boy, and then there was suddenly a jar of honey dumped on his head. George came from the side, smacking him with flour so that it went all over him and stuck, and then Fred sprayed him with whipped cream and a chocolate sauce. Calum was screaming the entire time, and when he was finished, he looked like a walking…cake. He turned to me, an angry look on his face, and I just giggled, pulling drop from my bag and standing on my tip toes to place it right on the top of his head. I watched as he fought a grin, the boys still laughing. “Now you’re like a Calum sundae.” You said, and he rolled his eyes before trapping you in a giant bear hug, and of course you screamed at him.

Luke: “What the hell are you trying to do?” Luke asked you, his voice startling you, as you thought you’d been alone. When you turned, wand in hand, you saw Luke making his way down the the bank of the lake through the tall grass, where you’d been practicing your spells. “Practicing for that Transfiguration spell. You know how McGonnagal offered me something challenging?” He nodded his head, coming up beside you as you glared down at the teapot. “Well, she offered me the teapot to tortoise spell, and I thought that it would just be simple, but it’s actually really freaking hard.” You said, crossing your arms over your chest. “Aw, don’t pout,” He laughed. “Want me to help?” He asked, and you nodded. He reached down and picked up the teapot, pulling his wand out of his belt loop. Before you could protest, he was muttering, “Diminuendoleft,” under his breath, forcing the pot to shrink in his hand. He raised his arm above his head, and chucked the tiny teapot into the tall grass.

“Lucas Hemmings!” You shouted, whacking him on the chest. He grinned down at you, his dimples prominent, and he shrugged. “Figured we’d have some fun. It was frustrating you!” He defended himself, and you glared, even though fondness was swelling in your chest. “I have to practice, Luke!” You said, and unlucky for both of you, neither had practiced a summoning charm, so you were screwed. “Well, let’s get looking for it, then.” He said, shoving his wand away and stepping through the tall grass on the banks. Sighing, you did the same, following him.

“Marco!” You heard Luke call out, somewhere on the other side of the grassy field. It had been at least thirty minutes, and still no sign of the teapot. “Polo!” You called back, pushing grass aside. “Marco!” He called again, and you sighed, kicking the grass out of your way. “Polo!” You called back. “MARCO!” He screamed, and You giggled, turning to find him, arms outstretched and screaming at the sky. “POLO!” You screamed back, and he turned to grin at you. You both searched for a little while longer until he said he had it, and you went to meet him on the other side. “Found your teapot.” He said, holding the tiny thing in his hand. “Cool, now I can finish practic-” You started, but he whirled around, pulled his arm back, and flung the teapot into the field again. Your jaw dropped, and he turned back to you, smiling. “I’m…going to kill you. With my bare hands.” You said, and he started walking backwards, giggling. “I hate you.” You said, running after him, trying not to laugh. He did, though, and ran away from you. “You'll thank me later!” He shouted. 

Ashton: “That one looks like a….turtle.” He said, pointing up a fluffy cloud. “Mm, no.” “No? What d'you mean, 'no’?” He asked, and you giggled. “No. It’s an elephant.” “I think you’ve gone nuts, personally. It’s clearly a turtle. Look at the head!” He said, and you shook your head. “No way, where’s its shell?” You asked, and he huffed. “It’s a shell-less turtle.” He said, and you laughed, rolling onto your stomach. His green eyes still stared up at the sky, looking for shapes in the clouds. “What should we do, today?” You asked, and he shrugged his shoulders. “It’s almost the summer holidays, so there’s not much to do. We don’t even have any school work.” He grumbled, and you snorted. “I never thought I’d see the day that Ashton Irwin complained about not having any school work.” You said, and he stuck his tongue out at me.

“OI, LOOK AT THE ICKLE MUNCHKINS LOUNGING AROUND ON THE LAWN!” You heard a familiar voice yell, and both you and Ashton looked up to see the twins coming toward you. “What do you want?” You asked them, picking at some flowers in the grass, and they plopped down next to you guys. “Nothing, we’re bloody bored is all. Nothing 'round here to do except get into trouble but even Filch is ready to go home.” George grumbled, and you smiled. “Well, what do you 'spose we do, since you came and ruined our peace?” Ashton asked, and grinned at you from his spot on the grass. “Oh, shut up, ya idiot. We could….” Fred started, but trailed off. “Quidditch?” Ashton suggested, but you shook your head. “No, I don’t wanna do that, we do that too much.” You said, and he rolled his eyes. “We could have a water fight.” George suggested, and you lifted your eyebrows. “This again? How many times do I have to beat you for you to give it up?” You asked, rising to your feet with the rest of them. “Not really a competition.” He grumbled, and you giggled, pulling out your wand. “What exactly are we doing?” Ashton asked, doing the same as you and the twins, taking a few steps back. “You shoot water from your wand like the guns the muggles have. It’s pretty fun in the summertime.” You said, and it was indeed warm enough for this to happen, so you weren’t complaining. “On three.” Fred said once you were all far away enough. “One, two-” He was cut off by George spraying him with water in the side of the head, and Ashton aimed his wand at you, hitting you in the side. You squealed, turning to see him grin at you before he took off. “It’s on, Irwin!” You shouted, chasing after him, wand poised.

A/N: Sorry this sucked and took so long. Luke’s was my favorite to write, I got inspiration from Whip It, aha. Let me know what you think, and what you want next!! 


Preference #11: You're Best Friends But He Likes You

Requested: Indirectly, I guess, yeah.

A/N: I got a bit carried away with Calum’s haha sorry they’re all so long

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