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Love Me - Next Door Edit
The 1975
Love Me - Next Door Edit

Imagine living next door to Matty Healy and every Friday night him and his band rehearse in his garage, because the music is so loud you can hear it through your bedroom walls.

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A new oc has entered the school!

Meet Lennie Mathews, a fourth grade math teacher at Jerome Horwitz. His first name comes from the Of Mice and Men character Lennie Smalls and his last name comes from him being a math teacher so “math"ews. He doesn’t have any of the main kids for a class, but he does see them around the school. He first met George and Harold when they were changing one of the signs, but instead of stopping them on the spot he waited and watched out of curiosity. When they finished and he saw the sign, he laughed out loud. George and Harold were startled to see him and thought that they were going to get in trouble, but Lennie instead complimented them on their sense of humor, telling them that that his daughter(Kit) also has the same humor as them. He asked for their names, and when George said his, Lennie beamed, informing them that that is also his husband’s name. He let them go and walked back to his classroom, laughing. He first met Melvin when he stopped a couple of kids from giving Melvin a wedgie. He knelt down and promised to protect Melvin if anything else were to happen(he kept his promise). He first met Mr. Krupp while he was walking to the restroom. Krupp stopped him and angrily asked where George and Harold were. He shrugged and told him he didn’t know(which he didn’t). Mr. Krupp poked hard at his chest and yelled at him. “Well if you see them tell me!” He shoved Lennie out of the way and walked on. Lennie saw the kids only moments later when he walked into the restroom, putting ketchup packets under the toilet seats. He didn’t tell Mr. Krupp. He has a pretty chill personality, joking around with kids and adults alike. He tries to treat kids as friends rather than objects, but will get mad at them if they get way too out of hand due to him also being very protective. He likes to tease other teachers, especially Krupp(obviously). He likes when Krupp gets annoyed, gives him a good laugh. He’s also a really curious person and very easily distracted. Now I have a backstory and design in the process, but for right now this is what I’ll put out. I’ll also put out more for George(his husband) and Kit(his daughter) later. Hopefully this sounds like a good oc; I’m really starting to like my little family. 😁