george maddox

Quantrill’s Raider George Maddox- Main Scout- & Pro-Confederate “Bushwhacker” Survived the War

In January 1862, Maddox, along with Fletch Taylor and others, joined William C. Quantrill’s band as some of the guerrilla chieftain’s earliest recruits. Maddox participated in actions at Pleasant Hill, Missouri 1862, Lawrence, Kansas 1863, Baxter Springs, Kansas 1863 and Centralia, Missouri, 1864. At Pleasant Hill his horse was shot out from under him and he was wounded in both lungs. During the raid on Lawrence, Maddox served as Quantrill’s main scout.

After the war, he was apprehended and transferred to Lawrence authorities 1866. His trial was moved to Ottawa Kansas where he was acquitted. Maddox escaped out of the back of the courthouse where his wife was waiting with a horse, they made their way back to Missouri. George Maddox was the only guerrilla to stand trial for the Lawrence raid. Moving to Nevada, Missouri after the war, Maddox worked for the railroad. In 1897, he became a guard at the Missouri State Penitentiary at Jefferson City, Missouri.

Maddox reportedly died in Arkansas on January 4, 1901, and was buried by ex-Confederates.