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“The story being told in ‘Star Wars’ is a classic one. Every few hundred years, the story is retold because we have a tendency to do the same things over and over again. Power corrupts, and when you’re in charge, you start doing things that you think are right, but they’re actually not.“

George Lucas, Star Wars.

That funny, sly little smile Obi Wan gives to Vader in A New Hope before he lets Vader kill him might tell the whole story about the Obi Wan character.

“I didn’t give in to evil. Not now. Not ever. And you only win now because I let you win.”

*Then Vader ends up confusedly kicking some empty clothes around, like it’s laundry day, and wondering what the hell happened. He is so utterly perplexed and unsatisfied.*

Master vs. Student. But Obi Wan always owned Anakin’s ass at the end, didn’t he?

“David Lynch directing Return of the Jedi” is still the greatest “What if?” in movie history, IMO. It would have either been very, very good or very, very bad. No in between.

Like, you just know he would have turned the Ewoks into scary, ghastly furry cannibalistic teddy bear murderers who danced slowly around to jazz music while menacingly chasing down Darth Vader in his nightmares.