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That funny, sly little smile Obi Wan gives to Vader in A New Hope before he lets Vader kill him might tell the whole story about the Obi Wan character.

“I didn’t give in to evil. Not now. Not ever. And you only win now because I let you win.”

*Then Vader ends up confusedly kicking some empty clothes around, like it’s laundry day, and wondering what the hell happened. He is so utterly perplexed and unsatisfied.*

Master vs. Student. But Obi Wan always owned Anakin’s ass at the end, didn’t he?

Darth Vader in that hallway is still one of the greatest film scenes ever, IMO.

The second of silence and darkness, the rebels looking tense and scared…then the saber lights up.

It was Star Wars meets Jason Voorhees. A horror movie. That’s all I can compare it to.

A weird clash of film genres. 


Hey there!

Yesterday I finally watched Rogue One with a good friend of mine. It was a wonderful day as we haven’t met for a long time.
So I decided to make a Star Wars Design 😊
Unfortunately, my camera doesn’t like glow in the dark nail polish - most of the time I can’t see anything on the pictures than darkness. 😔
But I’ll try again to get a picture of the glowing Star Wars sign and the lightsaber 😉

I hope you like it 😊

*me re-watching The Empire Strikes Back*  “OK, so people complain about the whole ‘Anakin built C3P0′ plot point. But then, Vader lets Chewie rebuild C3P0, doesn’t he? And it’s implied The Empire gave Chewie the tools to do so.

Why does Vader do that? Unless he cared about C3P0 on some level. 

Because he made him.

Maybe Lucas is a better long-term storyteller than we thought?