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George has learned what a terrible mother Benny had growing up.

George: You’re supposed to do better for your kids.

Benny: Believe it or not, I did.

Luisa (Benny’s mom) [joins them]: Good to meet you, George. [to Benny] And I guess I’ll see you at your next trial, huh?

Benny: Not unless I see you at your funeral first.

Luisa: I’ve outlived your father and your brother. We’ll see who’s next.

George: Damn. I think some flowers died when she walked by ‘em – Okay, well, you know what, maybe you did do better.


George needs to get into the bathroom before he is late for work. After realizing that neither of his kids are in there, he figures it must be his wife, Angie.

George: All right, Angie. Don’t make me come in there!…Unless of course, you want me to come in there – I take that as a yes. Close your eyes, baby. Here comes Ramon, the towel boy.

George: Ahhh! God! Ohhh, that ain’t right!

Benny (George’s mother): Hey, perv. Did you enjoy the show?