george kirk

no but what if it was winona who jim got his temper and tendency to punch first ask questions later attitude from

like george kirk is this sweet gentle giant who sometimes has to physically carry winona away from arguments so that they don’t turn into fights and this is pretty much the only thing he really puts his foot down on hissing at her WINNY YOU ARE NOT GETTING ARRESTED ON DATE NIGHT AGAIN OKAY COOL IT

The search for trekkies

Every 7 years I feel a sudden urge to watch a lot of Star Trek and since my dormant Star Trek-feelings have awakened this year, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to follow more Star Trek tumblrs. 

Reblog/like this if you post Star Trek (TOS, AOS, TNG, VOY, etc.) sometimes or all the time, so that I can follow you. That is if you want a geeky 20 year old woman to follow you. It would help me out a lot because I honestly need more of Shatner’s ripped shirts, Nimoy’s flawless makeup and Kelley’s cute face on my dash. Seriously though, DeForest Kelley was SO CUTE. SO. CUTE. God damn him and his little booty shake…


Live action legacy of Lois and Clark.

  • Kirk Alyn and Noel Neill
  • George Reeves and Phyllis Coates 
  • Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder
  • Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher 
  • Tom Welling and Erica Durance
  • Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth
  • Henry Cavill and Amy Adams
Written In the Stars (is a story i have told)

The vastness of space. There are few things more humbling to humanity than the sight of the night sky in all of its wonder.

Like the creatures that look to them for knowledge and solace, stars are born. One moment, nothing. The next, a bright and explosive light makes its entrance into the universe.

Jim Kirk always has felt a connection to the stars.

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