george khan

“I am a tale, I am a book, written in different languages and styles

I can’t be read, can’t be understood,
neither by me nor the greatest of minds

I am too big, I am too small, to be processed or seen by the naked eye

I am too dim, I am too bright, to appear in the shadows or the sunshine.”  
~ Sanober Khan

~ Artist Federico Bebber
~ Precious Animation George RedHawk

“sometimes i don’t know, which moment
which cool gust of wind will come,
and enchant me
tousling my hair
and my heart,
stirring…that familiar ache of poetry,
which drop will kiss
the old wrench in my soul
reminding me, all over again
i miss you better in the rain.”  
~ Sanober Khan

~ Naida Wicker Photography
~ Model: Alexia Giordano
~ George RedHawk PhotoAnimation


maple’s fancasts: tony stark fc suggestions

  • charles michael davis (31) age range – 26 - 32
  • fawad khan (34) age range – 30 - 35
  • george clooney (55) age range – 50 - 55
  • oscar isaac (37) age range – 33 - 38
  • jo insung (35) age range – 32 - 37
  • godfrey gao (31) age range – 26 - 32
  • aditya roy kapur (30) age range – 28 - 33
  • ricky martin (44) age range – 38 - 44
Star Trek Mulan AU?

I watched Mulan this evening (comfort film) and now I want to write a Star Trek Reader Insert AU of it. Maybe its just me but with a few tweaks to the story I could easily replace the characters….

Reader - Mulan
Kirk - Li Shang
Spock - Chi Fu
Scotty - Mushu
Bones - Yao
Chekov - Ling
Sulu - Chein Pu
Christopher Pike - Mulans father
George Kirk - General Li
Khan - Shan Yu

I would totally still set it in space, but perhaps Starfleet only accepts men for the war against Klingons (Khan helping them?)

I dont know, all I do know is that the songs would remain and continue to be epic!

“Time is racing towards us, till Khan arrives.
Head my every warning and you might survive.
You’re unsuited for the rage of war, so pack up, fly home, you’re through.
How could I make a man out of you?”