george kell


Every time I move furniture
An ex girlfriend’s hair clip
Gives me the V.
Why do zones in rooms
Always remain theirs?
The mirror
That she made beautiful
Does not return me.
The pictures on my walls
Have her Facebook likes
Beneath them,
And she is tagged
on her side of the bed.

Now, I do not mean to sound negative,
But most relationships in life do not work out.
Statistically Ex’s will outnumber partners,
On a scale that you can’t always control.
Accept this, like your bedroom door accepts new people.

This relationship,
Did not work out…
But it was beautiful.
And memories of it
Will whisper away forever.
I hope that one day
My mirror will return me.
And that V
Will say

Written by Kell George


I remember when you
Looked like first date
And I was deciding
Whether or not to let you in
As if you weren’t already
Striding behind my eyes
Chasing Exs out of my ears
Deleting phone numbers
That I would never need again
You packed old photographs
Dusty VHS video tapes
And more recent DVDs
Into concise boxes
Ready to go in the loft

I felt tidy
And then ready to get messy again
I creased my arm in my shirt
To put it around you
Ready for the type of kiss
That no nightclub could provide

Fragments of love
Fall into your life
Like ice falls into a drink
That you are no longer enjoying
And just makes everything…

You were hardly fragments though
You were something whole
That I found
And wrapped myself around
Like a cup.
And I was so scared that I’d spill you
I was so scared that other lips
Would take you from me

But we were on the street
Lamp posts still sleeping
Pressing soles into
Perfectly placed pavements
And this was just first date
And you were in
And I felt tidy.

Written by Kell George


We’d gone away
Just us
Let Yorkshire swallow us whole
We were so close
To our bed
But the sat nav led
To an unruly road
path, stuck and mud
dark, wet and a slope ahead
and time,
the night was sinking away by the river.

Heaven knows we tried everything
And you know
We were fine
Stressed, but together
Lost, but together…
I could have left the damn car
Left with her
Wrote that beast off.
That beast
That dropped
Her off
And 2 hours later
Slept in my driveway.
Leave the car.
Let it sink.
Let it bury itself and the space between us.

But we didn’t
We really didn’t
Too practical
Too seatbelted into
Our preordained journey.
We let it lead us to mud.
And after a tower of cliches
And good advice
From friends
We left each other
But at least we still had:
Our cars,
Our jobs,
Our separate homes.
All those seatbelts that matter most in life.

I should have been brave.
Left the car.
Let it sink.
Let it bury itself and the space between us.