george junius stinney

George Juniues Stinney

While there has always been a great deal of political and racial distrust surrounding the Stinney case, it’s widely accepted that despite the uproar over executing such a young boy, George Junius Stinney did in fact kill two young girls. It was 1944, and Stinney was a 14-year-old, 90 lb. black boy who followed two white girls, 11 and 8 years old, into a ravine. He apparently wanted to rape the 11-year-old, but couldn’t do so with the younger girl present. He decided to remove her, and that meant killing her. Both girls fought him, but he grabbed a large railroad spike and began bludgeoning them to death, repeatedly striking their heads with the heavy iron. He was charged with first-degree murder the very next day, but had to be removed from town under threat from local townsmen who wanted to lynch him. He was put to death in Columbia, South Carolina later that year.