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It’s awful enough for a family to go through the horror of their child going missing, but in this case, five children of George and Jennie Sodder went missing on Christmas Eve in 1945. Their home in Fayetteville, West Viriginia, burned to the ground but mysteriously during this fire, five of their children - Betty, Jennie, Louis, Martha, and Maurice, disappeared. The immediate thought was that the children perished in the fire, but no remains of the children were found within the house. In a bizarre twist, remains were found but they showed no signs of fire damage, as if the remains were stolen from a cemetery and planted inside the house. One theory is that the children were abducted and the fire was set on purpose as a cover up and there is evidence to back this theory up - in 1968, a photograph was mailed to the Sodder family; on the back was a message “Louis Sodder, I love brother, Frankie. Ilil boys A90132 (or 90135)”. Regardless of this, the case was not investigated and the children were declared legally dead. Sadly, both George  and Jennie passed away without knowing the truth of what happened to their children.

“The Awesome Adventures of Batroc the Leaper”

So, this is something i had in mind for quite some time. Unfortunatelly, i don’t think i’ll ever find a way to pitch it to Marvel, so i did this quick fake cover(to dream, have fun and visualise it) and i’ll probably, do a fan comic when i find some time.

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