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"Oh sweet Prince/Princess, would you care to be mine?" For Washette?

Lafayette was smiling wide as he made his way to George, a bouquet of flowers in hand. “Mon General,” he called out as he approached. “I have a gift for you.”

One of George’s rare-in-public smiles greeted him, a softening of the stern gaze that Lafayette so treasured. “Lafayette,” George said, voice quiet, just for him. “You didn’t need to.”

A servant approached and took the flowers from his hands.

“You asked me a question the other day,” Lafayette whispered, pressing close to George’s side. He could feel the weight of everyone’s eyes on them. They all viewed him with such confusion, wanting to know who he was to approach the King in such a matter.

George wrapped an arm around his waist and said, “why yes, I did, and yet here you come bringing me flowers. I do feel it should be the other way around.”

“Can you ask it again?” he asked, looking up with pleading eyes.

George pressed a kiss to his temple. “Of course, my love,” George whispered. The surrounding nobles weren’t even pretending to be busy anymore. “Oh sweet Prince, would you care to be mine?”

“I would love to,” he said, looking up at George.

George pressed a soft kiss to his lips. “You honor me so,” George whispered, pulling away to a more expected distance. “Now,” George said, at a normal volume, “would you care to dance, sweet prince?”

“I would love to.” 

George took his hand, and the nobles parted from them as they approached the center of the room. The whispering resumed behind them, but Lafayette had no care for it, his focus on George alone.

The King’s hand settled at his waist. “You look beautiful,” George said.

“And you’re as handsome as ever.” Lafayette’s cheeks hurt from how wide he was smiling, just as they had been doing for the past several days, since he had discovered that he was being married off.

The music swelled, and George spun him out, an elaborate motion that had Lafayette laughing. 

“I am ever so grateful,” George said when Lafayette was back in his arms. “To have you as my forever.”

The emotions filling his chest was overwhelming, and Lafayette struggled to hold back the tears. “You’ve been my forever since the day I saw you, you know,” he managed to get out. “I knew, right away.”

A gentle kiss was pressed to his forehead, and he would have sworn he felt his heart burst.

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