george humphreys


On February 11, 1981, classic slasher film, MY BLOODY VALENTINE was released in theaters.

Biography of George Washington-

george: [going about the business of taking on something he’s not super qualified to do and trying to not fuck it up]

a young man: [loudly] alas! i am a young man with several useful talents but my father is dead/absent/penniless/idk just generally kind of downer.

george: [looks at him]

george: [looks behind him. hamilton is furiously writing another treatise about why he should be given command. laurens is shouting “say that again to my face” at someone across the street. lafayette is waving hopefully at george. david humphreys is holding up a sheet of paper with macaroni glued on it titled “another ode to my cool dad washington.” tench tilghman and benjamin tallmadge are just glad to be there.]

a young man: [louder] i just- i could really use the guidance of an older man. gosh that’d be really amazing.

george: [sweats nervously]

William Holden, George Raft and Humphrey Bogart in a publicity photo for Invisible Stripes  (Lloyd Bacon, 1939)

Raft was a big star in the Thirties, but he turned down two roles in 1941 - High Sierra and The Maltese Falcon - that went to Humphrey Bogart instead. Bogart became a huge star and Raft went into decline.

Humphrey Bogart, Ann Sheridan and George Raft in They Drive By Night  (Raoul Walsh, 1940)

George Raft got top billing in this hit film about long haul truck drivers, but in the following months he turned down the leads in High Sierra and The Maltese Falcon allowing Bogart to play them and become a major star. Raft’s star after that, however, began to fall.