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Face Smooshing Pt. III: the Smooshening. Lucia (Mary + Hunter@didilysims, I suspect this is relevant to your interests :P), and Lila and Caleb (both Eva + Johnny).

I was real concerned at first by how similar Lucia looked to the other two (I know a lot of my sims look the same but come on) until I realized they’d actually be cousins (Hunter’s dad, Christopher, is Eva’s cousin). So I kinda turned it into a bizarro alternate universe family reunion.

Anyway, Lila has this amazing nose thing going on:

I have a problem

I have so many obsessions right now I can’t even keep track of them. Some days I’m like “Yes that’s my baby Calum” and other days I’m like “Fred and George, name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait” and then I’m like “JEFF ATKINS DESERVES BETTER!!” Opps, can’t forget about these days “Jughead my precious little bean” and then “Sciles is literally the only ship in that show I will except, or yah know me and stiles also works”. So I get a break on the weekend, but I really don’t cause all I do is read fanfic on all of these fandoms. So thank you Tumblr for aiding me in my addiction.

Head in a Jar - Fred & George

Anonymous: ‘Imagine beating fred and george in a prank war’

A/N: This is my first one shot so tips are always welcome. Also, I’m sorry if there are any grammar faults in it. English isn’t my first language, I’m Dutch.

You were smirking to yourself as you walked out of the Gryffindor common room. Fred and George were going to regret the day they started to pull pranks on you. A week ago you found a spell that people use when it’s Halloween, but you figured why not now? As you entered the Great Hall you couldn’t hold back a snigger. Oh, they were going to shit their pants.

You sat down next to Hermione and waited eagerly for dinner to show up. ‘What were you up to today?’ Hermione asked. ‘Oh, nothing much,’ You said with a smirk. ‘What’s so funny?’ You placed some food on your plate and gestured towards Fred and George who were sitting at the end of the table. ‘What have you done?’ 'Oh, you’ll see,’ She tried to shake her head in a disapproving manner but she couldn’t hold back a smile.
‘How is Quidditch going, Harry?’ Y/N asked him. Trying to distract herself, although she was genuinly interested to hear the latest news from their Quidditch team. ‘Great,’ said Harry bitterly. ‘Ron got injured and now we have to play the match with Cormac,’ He said while stabbing his food. ‘Is he okay though?’ ‘Yeah, just a headache,’ She nodded and soon they were all talking about the upcoming OWL’s.

After dessert they all made their way up to the Gryffindor common room. While many were sitting around the fireplace, you thought it might be a good idea to finish some homework. Only because you knew Fred and George would probably worry about that when it was past curfew.

‘Look at you, doing something productive for once,’ you heard. You turned your head and saw Hermione standing in the doorway. ‘What was that with Fred and George earlier?’ Hermione asked. You closed your books, placed them back into your school bag and explained everything to her. ‘No you didn’t!’ she laughed, when you finished talking. You nodded and got up from your bed. ‘Poor boys,’ she muttered and followed you downstairs.

It didn’t took the boys long before they headed upstairs. You watched them climb up the stairs and when they were out of sight you looked at Hermione, who managed to not burst out laughing. ‘Oh god,’ she whispered. About 2 minutes later you could hear a scream and someone yelling, ‘What the-‘. At that point Hermione couldn’t keep it together anymore, she was crying from laughing. ‘What’s wrong?’ Ginny asked, looking confused. Fast footsteps were heard when only seconds later Fred and George appeared in the common room, both looking red in the face. ‘Y/N what the fuck?!’ cried Fred. ‘You nearly gave us a heart attack!’  George held up a rather big jar with something in it that looked identical to my head. Everyone in the common room had their full attention on us now. People were laughing, screaming and trying to get a better look at the jar. ‘That’s sick,’ said Dean. ‘I think we know who the true pranker is here,’