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Müzikli Asansör, Renitones Yayın Seti Vol 15.
Blues / Jazz / Funk / Trip-Hop interactive Set.
Stanley Clarke, Howard Hewitt, George Duke - Heaven Sent
Stanley Clarke - Time Exposure
Stanley Clarke - I Want To Play For You
Dj Vadim - I Was Told, Brapp Beat Tape, Vol. 1
Nightmares On Wax - You Wish
Sound Defects - Faded Soul
Boogie Belgique - Forever Ever
Souleance - Jazz Et Thé Vert La Boulangerie
Dj Cam Quartet - Saint Germain
Q Function - Like I Usually Do
Brian Witzig - Peace
Wax Tailor - Que Sera
All That Glitters - Death in Vegas

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From Left to Right: 

Bertram G. Goohue, Nebraska State Capital, Plan, Lincoln, Nebraska / Julian Elliott, Plan of the Pilcher House, Zambia / Typical Plan of Ancient Moorish Dwelling, Prepared by C. Uhde / Emilio Ambasz, Houston Plaza Center, Plan, Houston, Texas, 1982 / Linlithgow Palace, Plan, Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland, 15th-17th Centuries 

Oscar Niemeyer, Maison de la Culture, Plan, Le Havre, France, 1972-1982 / Qasr Kharana, Plan / Frank Furness and George Hewitt, Jefferson Medical College Hospital, First Floor Plan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Hans Hollein, Rauchstrasse, House 8, Plan, IBA Apartment Building, Berlin Germany, 1983 / E. Matveeva, E. Perel’man and L. Dunkin, Design for a Sports Complex with Swimming Pool, Plan 1983 

Plan for the Margravate of Azilia, Georgia, 1717 / Edward Durell Stone, North Carolina State Legislative Building, Plan, Raleigh, North Carolina, 1960 / Anthony Ernest Pratt, Cluedo Board Game Patent, Plan, 1947 / Philip Johnson and John Burgee, General American Life Insurance Company, Plan, St. Louis, Missouri, 1977 / J.N.L. Durand and J.-TH. Thibault, Plan of Temple Decadaire 

Le Corbusier, Early Plan for the Governor’s House, Chandigarh, India, 1952 / Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Boise Cascade Home Office, Floor Plan, Boise, Idaho / Loro Jongrang Prambanan, Plan / James Stirling, Low Cost Housing, Floor Plan, Basic Four House Clusters, Lima, Peru, 1969 / Mies van der Rohe, Sketch for a Concert Hall, Project, 1942

Sebastiano Serlio, Château d'Ancy-le-Franc, Plan, France, 1544-1550 / Egyptian Labyrinth, Plan / Pyramid of the Niches, Plan, El Tajin / Johannes Duiker, Open Air School, Plan, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1930 -1932 / Harry Weese, Village Hall, Floor Plan, Oak Park, Illinois, 1971-1974


The Silver Beatles - with Johnny Hutchinson of Cass and the Cassanovas filing in as drummer - auditioning for Larry Parnes, who was searching for a backing band for Billy Fury, Wyvern Social Club, Liverpool, 10 May 1960; screen capped from The Beatles Anthology

Photos: Cheniston Roland

Teddy Boy George appreciation post:

“[John Lennon told Larry Kane] ‘He had a real kind of wild style on the guitar. It’s as though… you know, that he and the guitar were joined together. He also looked like a Teddy boy, but as you know, Larry, he was hardly that.’
Hardly. Sensitivity to others was George’s great talent as a human being. On the aircraft and in the hotel suites, it was George who was always asking, ‘Everything all right, Larry?’” - When They Were Boys by Larry Kane [x]

“George was so sweet. My family, especially my mother, loved him… He had a quiet kinship with Stu, and our mother felt he was the most courteous of the boys. Of course, Stuart was always protecting his sisters from the ‘menace’ of John and Paul. George in many ways was more centered than all of them. Much like Stu, he had an inner spirituality.” - Pauline Sutcliffe, When They Were Boys by Larry Kane [x]

“Jim [McCartney] liked George. Though here appeared to be no reason why he should favour him over John, both being dressed as Teddy Boys, history played it’s part: Paul and George had been friends for some time, and a rapport had been established between child and adult - George called him ‘Uncle Jim’ and the older man found the youngster’s impudence attractive.” - The Beatles - All These Years: Tune In by Mark Lewisohn [x]

“[George Harrison] was obviously one of those working class rebel chaps and toward the end of our school days together he got more and more outrageous. The compulsory school uniform was outvoted by his extrovert dress sense and his hair was the longest anyone could possibly get away with in the Inny, all ‘Tony Curtis’d back’, with a school cap perched on the top rear like a rabbi’s skull cap. When his guitar playing affinity with Paul was established in the end of term skewl koncerts, he’d visit our new Forthlin home and we solely became friendly.
His dress by this time was even more interesting… full length, skin-tight drainies down to his bright fluorescent socks, even brighter lime (Upton) green waistcoat under his blazer which he would flash at me in the school corridors (followed by a wink). He had the first blue suede, winkle picker shoes which together with incessant chewing of gum all became his trade marks.” - Mike McCartney, Thank U Very Much: Mike McCartney’s Family Album [x]

“After a night at the Cavern, Billy Hatton would take George back to his house for late night refreshments. ‘My mum used to look at him,’ he recalls, ‘because his hair was fairly long - not as long as it became - and I knew what she was thinking, which was, I’ll be counting the spoons when he’s gone.’” - Fab Gear: The Beatles and Fashion by Paolo Hewitt [x]

”[George Harrison] ambled cautiously in [to Mendips], wearing a crewcut and a shocking-pink shirt over a horrendous striped blazer. He said, ‘Hello, Mrs. Smith, how are you? You’ve got a beautiful home here.’ ‘You’ve been practising, I see,’ I cut him off. ‘John, you did a lovely job at tutoring. Come along in then, if you must.’" - Aunt Mimi [x]

“[Ivan] Hayward soon got a phone call from George Harrison, the young Beatles guitarist. Harrison, who arrived dressed in black leather pants and jacket that seemed at odds with his good-natured politeness, seemed like ‘a nice kid’ to Hayward.” - Gretsch Guitars website [x]

“Larry, you had to love George. He was such a lovely person, so family-oriented. When we first met him, he seemed to be a boy reaching out to find what life was all about. My mother admired him.” - Julia Baird, When They Were Boys by Larry Kane [x]

“Most Institute upperclassmen never mixed with younger students, but for George, with his interest in rock ‘n roll and undeniable talent, Paul felt the affection of an elder brother. He was touched by something he saw in the gangly boy. They hung around together on the weekends. He watched over George in school - Paul an effusively outgoing bloke, and George, barely fourteen and slow-talking, nipping alongside like a fawn; at lunch, Paul doled out double helpings from his outpost behind the cafeteria line; he rode the bus home with George to Allerton and dragged him along on a couple of social outings.” - The Beatles: The Biography by Bob Spitz [x]

Paul McCartney and George Harrison during a photo session for TIME magazine with Marvin Lichtner, Hyde Park, London, 18 May 1967. A fan encounter, shared by a German fan with Bravo magazine, was previously translated and posted at thateventuality, for anyone interested.

“Macca in a cloak and Harrison in an Afghan coat take a stroll in a London park in May 1967. The band’s ability to take underground fashions and make them popular is evidenced here.” - Fab Gear: The Beatles and Fashion by Paolo Hewitt