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When you read an amazing imagine but theres only one part

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Escape from Hogwarts

Guess what happened yesterday! Fred and George Weasley got enough of prof. Umbridge and escaped the Hogwarts!

So. I was sitting in the great hall, eating few croissants on my study break while Umbridge sat on the Headmaster’s chair, just looking around smugly because Dumbledore left Hogwarts. Suddenly, something flew over my head with great speed.

As I looked around, I saw that it was Fred and George. They were flying on their brooms, which Umbridge had taken away from them earlier this year to “punish them” for something, and they kept throwing these small inventions they’ve been testing throughout the year for their joke shop. They told me that they had already gotten themselves a place where they’ll open the store, where they got the money is beyond me, maybe they sold few inventions.

They left us a swamp without any instructions of how to dismantle it (I have a hunch of how to do it, but I’m not going to say anything, let the “authorities” get rid of it), set off their whole stock of Weasley’s Wildfire Whizz-bangs all around the school and they told Peeves to give the “authorities” hell and guess what happened? Peeves LISTENED to them!

I also caught professor McGonagall giving him instructions on how to loosen the chandelier, which is incredible! McGonagall out of all teachers in the Hogwarts is the one who is known for not accepting any kind of trouble making and now she was actually encouraging Peeves!

Photo of the twins creating havoc in the Great Hall!

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And their little signature they left on the sky as they left!

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Ain’t it neat? I just can’t wait for the summer so I get to see them again! An talk about their crazy escape!

George’s son calls him from Hogwarts on the first day of school, terrified and asking if he is okay.  George assures him everything’s fine but asks why he’d ask that.  George’s son explains he thought George had died because he could have sworn he had seen a ghost that looked just like him joking around with the older students.

When you spend all day/night reading imagines

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When you find a good imagine but it hasn't been updated in 2 years

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