george harrison hair

George and Olivia Harrison & Paul and Linda McCartney at Ringo Starr’s and Barbara Bach’s wedding, 1981

Scan - Arthur Kelly and George Harrison, aged 16, at Blackler’s Christmas Dance, Grafton Ballroom, Liverpool, December 1959

“The finest photograph of these best buddies was taken here, their hair defying all known laws of gravity, two 16-year-old working men wearing smart suits and big natural smiles for the camera before they moved in to check out the birds.” - The Beatles - All These Years: Tune In by Mark Lewisohn

“[G]iven the job [as an electrician’s apprentice] of maintaining the lights in Blackler’s Christmas grotto, he’d fused them, casting a Scouse Santa and a queue of excited kiddies into darkness. It was something for George and Arthur Kelly to laugh about during Blackler’s Christmas dance at the Grafton Ballroom.” - The Beatles: All These Years - Tune In by Mark Lewisohn [x]

_George Harrison and/e Alla Rakha; United States/Estados Unidos; California/Califórnia; Los Angeles; Troubadour Nightclub; November 1974/Novembro de 1974.

_George Harrison’s laugh/A risada do George Harrison.

_Source/Fonte: Feel Numb.