George Harrison and Sri Daya Mata, photo courtesy of

“Proceeds from U.S. sales of the January 14th [2002] reissue of George Harrison’s 1970 song “My Sweet Lord” [went] to the Self-Realization Fellowship [founded by Paramahansa Yogananda].” - Rolling Stone, 2002

”[Sri Daya Mata] spent more than twenty years with Yogananda recording all his lectures in shorthand to keep the message of Kriya Yoga alive for future generations. The translation of her name in Sanskrit is ‘mother of compassion,’ which she truly was. When George came to L.A. feeling a bit down spiritually, he would often ask me to arrange a meeting with her and we’d drive to Mother Center together. How touching it was to watch him pranam and then take the dust off her feet when he first greeted her, as they do in India. […] That was how we would recharge our spiritual batteries. Problems melted away, as though God was saying, ‘It’s all right now, my child.’" - Gary Wright, Dream Weaver: Music, Meditation, And My Friendship With George Harrison [x]

More on the importance of Yogananda and the Self-Realization Fellowship in George’s life here.