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12 Days of Book Boys!

Christmas is almost here (almost) so please send in requests!

I’m going to write for Divergent, The Maze Runner, Hunger Games, Harry Potter (Golden Trio, Marauder, and Next Generation Eras), The Outsiders, Uncharted 4 (I don’t know much about the others so I’ll write for Sam, Nate, or Rafe) and I guess if you want a Game of Thrones AU or something.  

Requests will be open until December 10th, and I will start posting on December 13th, for 12 Days until Christmas Eve.

1. Being caught under the mistletoe with _____.

2. Sneaking out in the middle of the night with _____ to play in the snow.

3. Christmas decorating with ______.

4. Playing truth or dare with your friends at a Christmas party and you end up confessing your love for _______.

5.  _______ trying to teach you how to ice skate.

6. Celebrating (wink, wink) Christmas with ______ and ________ walks in on you.

7. Doing Secret Santa with your friends and you get _______.

8. “No ______! You can’t put candles on the tree! I don’t care if it looks nice it’ll catch on fire you idiot!”

9. “Yes. We do have to wear matching Christmas sweater, and no, it does not look stupid, it looks cute!”

10. ______ proposes to you on Christmas in hopes to give him/herself the best Christmas present ever.

11. “That dough is for my fucking cookies, if you try to steal it one more time I’m gonna beat you with this spoon!”

12. Visiting ______’s family for the first time during Christmas and they absolutely adore you.

13. Introducing ______ to all your favourite Christmas movies and spending the entire day watching them with him/her.

14. Instead of getting a present from ______ you find a clue first thing in the morning, one clue leads to another until you finally find his/her gift.  

15. You love the Christmas season, but _____ absolutely hates it. You spend the day forcing him/her to be festive.

16. You and _______ have a Christmas couple cook-off with _______ and ______ (<insert another couple here), and things get messy.

17. You and ______ are sworn enemies and you get chosen to plan a Christmas party for everyone together.

18. “Christmas is a time for spreading cheer, why not do that by pulling pranks?”

“Pranks are for Aprils Fools Day you idiot…”

“No Y/N, Christmas is the perfect time for pranks, now either help me or become a victim. Your choice.”

19. “I thought you said you knew how to wrap presents!”

“Well I never said I knew how to wrap them well!”

20. Annoying _____ by singing Christmas Carols, but by the end of the day he/she has them stuck in his/her head and can’t stop singing them either.

21. “No! That popcorn isn’t for eating, it’s for decorating!”

“How can you expect me not to eat the food if you put it in front of me, honestly it’s like you don’t even know me!”

22. Forcing your husband/wife, _____, to dress up as Santa in order to surprise your children.  

23.“You can’t spend Christmas alone!”

“I have no one to spend it with.”

“You have me.”

24. Having your first kiss with ______ on New Years Eve.

25. Taking ______ to meet your family for the first time on Christmas.

26. Create your own prompt!

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(It took me a long time to create all these prompts so if you’re going to use them please give credit and don’t just copy and paste! Thank you!)


Anyone who knows me knows I love making bad aesthetics, so here is my latest batch of bad name aesthetics done for my current favorite tv show, MacGyver. I’m very sorry that the last two suck even more than the rest of them, but I had to do those two on my phone because my laptop really doesn’t work anymore. That also means I have to post this on my phone, so idk if the format it’s showing me is how it’ll actually show up or not, but oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ just click them to see them better I guess. I didn’t know who to include or not include, so Nikki, Thornton, and Matty all get one

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Abbey Lee, Zoe Kravitz, Courtney Eaton and Riley Keough at Critics’ Choice Awards

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ wins Best DIRECTOR (George Miller), Best EDITING, Best PRODUCTION DESIGN, Best COSTUME DESIGN, Best HAIR & MAKEUP, Best VISUAL EFFECTS, Best ACTION Movie, Best Action Actor (Tom Hardy), Best Action Actress (Charlize Theron)

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Hi, hope i'm not too late. Can i get male ships for divergent, harry potter, supernatural, maze runner, & youtubers? I love literature, music, games, & puns/jokes. Pretty quiet, but when i do, it's (probs) to crack jokes & make people happy. Not very trusting & keep to myself, but i try to be honest & open to those i care about. Teasing others & insulting them playfully is how i show affection (lmao). Thanks a bunch!

I ship you with Four, George, Cas, Minho and Dan!


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Just like Four, you sotimes find it very hard to exteriorize your thoughts or feeling and can hide them behind jokes. But he sees a lot of good in you, your desire to make people happy and to be kind with everyone. And he also has a problem with opening up, but you two find a way to communicate with each other about it.


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Does George love you! You two are always cracking jokes and having lots of fun, but are also there for the important stuff. You have a very healthy relationship, but an extremely fun and hilarious one as well!


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Sometimes Cas has a hard time getting what yuo say because he doesn’t get some references or puns. But since you are kind enough to explain it to him, Cas soon catches on and begins to understand you and enjoy your jokes.


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What Minho loves most about you is the fact that always surprise him. You’re mostly quiet, but when you speak up it’s always to say something hilarious and genius that amuses him deeply.


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You and Dan are so playful and familiar with each other that people sometimes think you’re just being mean because you tease each other so much! But that’s not true because Dan and you are just having fun and love each other very much.

I can’t get enough of fictional boys

Riley: “Finally, after many years in the making our movie comes out today! It means a lot to us and we (and hundreds of other people) worked really hard to make it. Very proud to be a part of it and to have these wonderful people as my best friends. So please go see it!!!! 🚚🚚🚚😍 #madmaxfuryroad #madmax #nam2012 @abbeylee @courteaton @charlizeafrica @zoeisabellakravitz @rosiehw @tomhardydotorg @josh_helman @dollydoctor @wbpictures #napalm #georgemiller”