george e. salazar


Made my own Michael Mell hoodie ‘cause I’m trash and aahh. I dunno if i should post it but yeET!

I wanted to give this its own post because it made me so happy

Last night at the Godspell stage door lovely Mr. George Salazar came out in his fierce pink shirt and he comes up to us and immediately recognizes me. He started to talk about how great I was when I did charades with them at the Lincoln Center taping and that I had the most interesting name that they’d had so far, but he kept calling me Bella so my friend tapped him on the shoulder and whispered in his ear that my name was Oona and he was adorably embarrassed and then he pulled me in and whispered in my ear that he’d had 3 margaritas after the show. I just chuckled and said “¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!” and he was really amused. He tried to redeem himself by saying that bella means beautiful and then he launched into a short impromptu “Bella Luna” by Jason Mraz.

Then I told him that his “June is Busting Out All Over” video is like the greatest thing that’s ever happened and he couldn’t stop laughing. Then we talked about the Class of 1891 and I told him I’d seen it in LA and that we had some fun times during Totally Fucked and then I said, “all the cool kids on the back of the bus” and he freaked out and told me he loved me even more than he already did. Then asked if we were friends on Facebook and I said we weren’t and he told me to add him immediately.

He couldn’t be more perfect :)