george dragon


Here we go again!

Otabek - Eclipse

Mila - cold Morning

Georgi - Rain

Also check Victor | Yurio | Yuuri dragons + their wings

lovestory in au + info

Agape&Eros poses

So every Thursday I`ll update 3 characters. Write in comments or messages whom would you like to see next | I prefer Sara-Chris-JJ.

Bonus lil doodle Minami-wyvern under! Much thanks for your support!

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Doodling shitpost-time
& Ideas about next pack of characters

 Look at that anthro-Yuri ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

a bunch of Weasleys 


Ow! You’d think those guys could’ve got me out of here without rolling a two ton snowball onto my head…

next to her sister level skelos badlands, here is crystal glacier!! its my one of FAVS in the game, especially because of its beautiful ost.. i tried to get as much of that magnificent sky in as possible


A Virginian and a Frenchman walk into a room…

@dragon-in-drag found this gem in Pierre-Étienne du Ponceau’s memoire. (Pierre-Étienne du Ponceau was one of Baron von Steuben’s translators, he came to America with tthe Baron and stayed after the war.)