george cooke

Rockwell Granger isn’t exactly a bad guy. On the wrong side of 40 after turfing out of the military, he’s drifted from town to town and a series of dead-end kitchen jobs and quasi-legal freelance work. But his longtime dream of owning his own restaurant has finally come true, back in his hometown of Portland. Rock should be happier than ever, but the reality of his dream has a nasty habit of dragging him down. His customers are uncultured savages, he’s not making enough money to pay back his loan sharks and they’re forcing him to do something morally iffy or they’ll take his truck. And possibly his thumbs. 

Harper Marbury isn’t exactly a thief. She works half a dozen side hustles to pay her rent at the Split Apple Co-Op Loft where she shares overcrowded floorspace with dozens of spare changers, young families, traveling musicians, burnouts and scam artists. Developing a love of cooking by throwing the random ingredients found in the Co-Op’s fridge every day together to feed her roommates, Harper’s been nurturing a dream of what she could do in a real kitchen, with real ingredients. When she breaks into Rock’s truck, mostly it’s to get out of the rain, but when he doesn’t show up, she opens up for business. Just to try it out. Just to see what it’s like to cook in a real kitchen, with real ingredients.

When Rock busts Harper, he hires her on instead of kicking her to the curb, inducting her into the arcane rituals of food cart society, a land where every cart collective is a gang vying for territory and rivalries are resolved with food truck duels rolling down the middle of Hawthorne with baseball bats. While Harper learns the ropes, Rock begins his job for the Bardems, searching for the identity of a rogue food truck operator who’s invading the Bardem’s territories. Together with Harper, as his conscience and helping hand, they’ll navigate a world of secret menus, food pirates, culinary femme fatales, curmudgeonly dads, shadowy figures, creeps, foodies and 5 star ratings, trying to uncover the secret before the Bardems burn Rock’s world down.

SHORT ORDER CROOKS is a 5-issue, full-color comic that’s equal parts comedy, crime story and cooking comic. The first issue is due out in June 2017.  We have future arcs we would like to do to tell the complete story, but we need your help to fund this first arc and help us find an audience for our weird little book.

Animated stereoview portrait of a group of seven elderly African Americans said to have been once owned as slaves by George Washington titled “Cooks, chambermaids, nurses and one hostler of Gen. Geo. Washington, found in and around St. Augustine, Florida.” Possibly a spurious claim. There are also two younger African Americans and a white woman pictured.

Source: New York Public Library.

George Harrison paging through Illuminations from the Bhagavad-Gita in the kitchen at Friar Park, 1982. Photo: Chris Murray (previously posted here).

The book Mary Frampton and Friends: Rock ‘n’ Roll Recipes (published in 1980) includes one by George… Dark Horse Lentil Soup. Here’s the recipe:


1 red chili
1 teaspon cumin seeds
2 large onions, chopped
2 garlic cloves
1 cup lentils (you can use one or more types)
2 large tomatoes, chopped
2 green peppers, chopped
1 bay leaf
Salt and pepper to taste


Heat a small amount of oil in a frying pan. When oil is good and hot, add the red chili and cumin seeds. When the seeds stop sputtering, brown the onions and garlic in the seasoned oil. In a separate deep pan, wash the lentils in plenty of water. When clean, liberally cover with water. When the onions are browned, add them to the pan of lentils. Now add tomatoes, peppers, bay leaf, salt and pepper. Potatoes and carrots and small boiling onions may be added for a more substantial meal. Bring to the boil, cover, and turn down to very low heat, The soup is ready to serve in an hour and tastes better the next day.

Headconon that Fred Weasley is a Really Fantastic cook!!! This is so important, okay?

- For years he watched Molly cook dinner by herself, even on days when someone else should do it, like Mothers Day and her Birthday. 

- One Mothers Day he decides that she shouldn’t cook dinner, so fifteen minutes before Molly usually starts cooking, Fred sneaks into the kitchen and begins preping the meal Molly always makes on Mothers Day, Beef Stroganoff. 

- Molly walks in as he is slicing the beef into little pieces, meticulously, making sure each piece is exactly the same size. He has her old cook book sitting next to him and everything he will need for the dish already out. 

- Molly is surprised that he can even read the recipe, because she has had that book since her mother gave it to her years ago, and the pages are very faded and caked in spilled food. She could barely read it herself, but she didn’t need to having memorized most of the recipes anyway.

- Coming out of her thoughts Molly asks her trouble making son what he’s doing.

- “It’s Mum’s Day. You shouldn’t have to cook Mum. Go sit down or tell little Ronnie to clean his room or whatever Mums do for fun.” Molly smiled at her son and turned around to leave the kitchen. She expects she will have to whip something up later when Fred messed something up or burned it, as he had never cooked before.

- Fred is in the kitchen for a few hours, going slow and making sure everything is perfect. He may like to pull pranks, but he also knew his mum put up with a lot and he wanted to do something nice for her and he did nothing halfway. 

- The stroganoff is ready when Arthur walks through the door. The kitchen smells wonderful, as it always does when Molly cooks, but when he turns to see Fred stirring dinner he is shocked. Fred turns around and just smiles at him.

- Fred tells his mother that dinner is ready and she calls the rest of the children, they all sit down together and begin eating after each child has said Happy Mothers Day to Molly.

- The entire family gets silent as they dig in, it was absolutely wonderful, everyone makes a content noise as their tummies are filled with yummy food. 

- Ron looks over to his mum and says “It’s really really good mum, one of the best batches ever!”

- Molly smiles across the table at Fred, “Ronnie, I would love to take credit, but I didn’t make this. Fred did.”

- All jaws around the table drop. No one could believe Fred had made this. Except Arthur and Molly, the just beamed at their son. 

- For a moment all the Weasley children are nervous to eat anymore, for fear of a prank, but then they realized Fred would never do that to their mother, no one messed with mum. She was scary when she wanted to be. So they continued stuffing their faces after telling Fred how good it was.

- From then on, Fred made dinner once a week. 

- After a few weeks of this, Ginny started watching Fred when he cooked, as he was her favorite brother, though don’t tell that to anyone else, especially George. 

- One day Fred asked Ginny if she wanted to help him, and she agreed excitedly and they cooked together. 

- The day Fred got to cook quickly became Ginny’s favorite day of the week because she got to help her older brother cook and was finally able to spend quality time with someone she looked up to. Cooking also meant you didn’t have to do dishes, so that was a great perk too, both Fred and Ginny HATED dishes.

- Fred’s cooking skills later came in handy when developing the trick candies for their shop, Ginny also helped with the development, while George came up with more candy ideas. 


First Broken Heart

George Washington x Reader, Hamilsquad x Lil sister!

OC Modern AU 

Sequel to: Meeting the Family, Becoming Part of the Family, Baby Washington, Welcome to the Family, Bonding 

Author: Lil Laddie

 Words: 1621

 Warnings: Violence, bad break up, overprotective big brothers 

Request: Have you considered writing another sequel for Meeting the Family? Where Alex and the baby bond or going to the distant future where her big brothers beat up boys that flirt with her or the guy who broke her heart? Or both? It’s always up to you, but I would love to read it! -anon 

A/N: I hope this is what you were looking for when you requested it! I honestly love writing about Gwash fam and maybe in the future I want to write about the hamilsquad being the most annoying teenagers that George can’t even handle lol. But I hope you guys like this one! I love y'all! Have a flipping incredible day!!😘 

Over the years you and George had watched the boys and your little girl grow up. Before you knew it, Eleanor was in high school and had a boyfriend that she was head over heels for. The once loud house was now quiet as the boys now went to college or had a steady paying job and apartment. Time had passed much too quickly for your liking and you would sometimes wish to have the old days back when all 7 boys lived with you and George.

“(Y/N)!” George called, running into where you were reading your book in the living room.

“Yes?” You replied, not looking up from the book that was much too intriguing to put down.

“I just got 7 different phone calls from 7 different boys we know. Apparently, they all have decided to come down here for a weekend to take a break from school and work.” George smirked, waiting for your reaction.

“What? They are coming home?” You squealed, jumping up from your seat in excitement.

“Yes.” George chuckled, watching you dance around the room with joy.

“When will they be here?” You grinned, the thought of your boys coming home to see you making you be on cloud 9.

“They will be here Friday afternoon. I already told Eleanor and she is ecstatic to see them again. It’s been much too long since we last saw them.” George said, pulling you to his side and pressing a gentle kiss to your lips. “The whole family will be here again.”

“You’re still the best dad they could ever hope for.” You complimented, kissing him softly before running out of the room to get ready for the boys.

“All I get is one kiss?” George called after you.

“You can have more once the house is ready! Our boys are coming home!” You giggled, knowing George was left in the living room with a look of disbelief on his face.


Friday had come before you knew it. You and George were pacing the house waiting for the boys to arrive. Eleanor was yet to come home from school, having gone straight to her boyfriend’s house for a little bit. She said she would be home for dinner and would spend most of the weekend with her older brothers.

Breaking the tension of both George and you watching the clock, Hercules slammed open the door and ran at the two of you. Alex, John and Laf  followed quickly after him.

“I’ve missed you guys!” Hercules cried, squeezing both you and George tightly in his arms before the other three stole you and George away in hugs.

“We’ve missed you boys, too!” You laughed, all of them shoving each other out of the way to get another hug from both you and George.

“The favorite child is here!” Thomas announced, strutting through the door with James and Aaron on his heels.

“Boys! Welcome home!” You exclaimed, pulling all three of them into a tight hug.

After lot’s of hugs and kisses, it had finally settled down. Everyone was gathered around you and George in the living room, just like they always had when they were younger.

“Where’s Eleanor?” James asked, noticing that the girl was not in the house.

“She’s at her boyfriend’s house right now. She’ll be back for dinner.” George said, the boys faces all dropping the once wide grins they had.

“Boyfriend?” Aaron asked, his eyebrows furrowed in disgust. “She’s too young to have a boyfriend.”

“Aaron, most girls have a boyfriend in high school. It’s normal.” You shrugged, not really seeing the reason for concern.

“She’ll get hurt! They won’t be able to treat her right!” John exclaimed, his face filled with worry.

“No one’s good enough to be dating her! They probably don’t deserve her!” Lafayette yelled, the other boys nodding their heads in agreement.

“Boys, if we didn’t trust this boy we wouldn’t let her date him. You can talk to Eleanor about it tonight at dinner. She’s fallen hard for this boy, I doubt you could convince her not to date him.” George said, the boys scowling at the thought of a boy having control over their little sisters heart.


All of you were in the kitchen, talking and laughing as George and Laf cooked. Those two were always the chefs of the family. The sound of the front door slamming caught your attentions. As did the loud sniffles and hiccups of Eleanor crying.

“Eleanor?” You called, sprinting to find her, the following your lead.

You ran up the stairs to Eleanor’s room. The door was shut and her quiet crying had turned into loud sobs. She was muttering something you couldn’t understand under her breath. You knocked lightly on the door, hoping she would actually open it.

“Who is it?” She called, her voice raspy from all the crying she had been doing.

“It’s (mom/dad).” You said softly, hearing a squeak come from her mattress.

The door was flung open and Eleanor fell into your arms hiccuping. You held her gently, rubbing her back in a soothing motion.

“What happened?” You asked, your voice barely above a whisper.

“H-he dumped me! I loved him!” Eleanor sobbed, holding onto you for dear life.

You held your daughter close to your chest, trying to calm her down. While this was happening, the boys stood a couple feet away watching the two of you with a mix of sadness and rage. No one was allowed to break their baby sisters heart like that.

“Here’s the plan, me, Herc, and Thomas will beat the boy to a bloody pulp while you four go comfort her. Also, figure what he did to her and text it to one of us.” Alex growled, taking charge of the situation.

The boys nodded, splitting into the two groups. George watched them from the bottom of the staircase,  his arms crossed over his chest. Alex, Herc and Thomas almost didn’t see him as they stumbled quickly down the stairs.

“Where are you three going?” George raised an eyebrow, the boys looking at each other in panic.

“We, uh, so you see…” Thomas started, racking his brain for a valid excuse.

“You do know that it’d be illegal for you three to attack this young boy right?” George asked, watching all three of them turn pale at his words. “Don’t doesn’t mean you can’t scare him though. I’m pretty sure his address is on a paper on the entry table, but I’m not sure. Someone must have left it lying around.”

“Thanks dad you’re the best!” Herc grinned brightly, as did Alex and Thomas.

“For what?” George asked, turning to walk up the stairs.

“For giving us the address.” Alex said, wondering why he had to remind his dad.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. In fact, I never saw you before you left.” George turned at the top of the stairs to give the three boys a stern look. “Understood?”

“Yes sir!” Thomas said, giving him a mock salute.


“Was I not good enough?” Eleanor asked, crying into Laf’s shoulder as James held one of her hands tightly.

“Honey, he wasn’t good enough for you!” John exclaimed, only making the girl cry harder.

“If I was too good for him, then why did he dump me?” Eleanor cried, turning to look at John with a glare. “Wouldn’t it have been the other way around then?”

“Ellie, none of these high school kids ever going to be enough for you. You’re amazing and all these kids will pretend to be enough and when they realize they aren’t the run away.” Aaron said, pulling your hair back from your face in a braid.

“Then why did he tell me I wasn’t pretty enough and that he was going to start dating this other girl at my school instead?” Eleanor sniffled, all the boys in the room stiffening at her words.

“He told you what?” George asked, his whole body tense and his jaw clenching.

“He told me I-I wasn’t pretty enough.” Eleanor repeated, her voice cracking from the dryness.

“I’ve never felt more of an urge to kill something.” James muttered under his breath, pulling Eleanor away from the others and into a tight hug. Behind him Laf was quickly typing a text to the others about what they just learned.


You were waiting by the door when Hercules, Alex and Thomas tiptoed inside.

“It’s past midnight, where have you three been?” You asked, watching them jump in shock.

“Sorry didn’t see you there.” Alex chuckled nervously.

“George won’t tell me where you three went. He’s acting like he knows nothing, but we all know he’s a terrible liar. What did you three do?” You asked, the three of them exchanging a silent conversation through nods.

“All you need to know is that we made sure that Eleanor got that apology text from her ex.” Thomas said, avoiding eye contact with you.

“Okay, as long as you boys didn’t hurt him that’s fine. Thank you for doing that, Eleanor did a lot better after he sent that text.” You smiled lightly, the three boys beaming at your praise.

“We did it cause we needed to. Who else is going to protect our baby sister?” Herc smiled.

The four of you didn’t notice, but Eleanor watched from the top of the stairs, smiling at the scene below her. Her big brothers were always going to be on her side and she couldn’t be more grateful. She loved all of them more than anything.

“Thank you.” She whispered, before going back to her room and not having a single thought of the boy that had broken her heart.

Comedians in a nutshell

Jim Gaffigan: I love food so much none of you even understand

Jeff Dunham: I’m a normal guy with a fun life and a nice family haha :-)
Jeff Dunham: now let me bring out my first puppet

Bo Burnham: guys seriously I’m not gay
Bo Burnham: someone has to insert their penis in my asshole right now



Daniel Tosh: if I don’t personally offend at least 1000 people tonight my life will be over

Louis C.K: have you ever woken up with your mouth in your own asshole I have


Gabriel Iglesias: I’m so Spanish lol
Gabriel Iglesias: why does everyone call me Spanish???????
Gabriel Iglesias: *makes impersonation of a Spanish guy
Gabriel Iglesias: food
Gabriel Iglesias: I’m fluffy

so appARENTLY cows have these things like UTTERS and they’re pink and they have like FIVE penises and I just find it SO FASCINATING :ooooOOOOoooooo

Lewis Black: So politics are really stupid but I’m gonna talk about them


Recipe: Spicy Eel

Description: It’s really spicy! Be careful. 

Game ingredients: Eel, Hot Pepper

This recipe restores 115 energy and 46 health. It gives a +1 Speed and +1 Luck bonus. The recipe can be obtained from George after reaching 7 hearts and sells for 175g. 

Difficulty: Easy, 30 minutes. Makes 2 servings. 

I’ve never had eel. I’d be lying if I said I was excited to try this recipe. 

-Eel, fresh or frozen
-1 tablespoon chili powder
-1 teaspoon paprika
-½ teaspoon ginger powder
-½ teaspoon Chinese five spice
-½ teaspoon cumin

The only eel I could find already had a brown sugar and soy sauce mix over it, so I decided to keep it on to contribute some flavour to compliment the spiciness. I also cut the eel in half so I could use the other portion for the Fried Eel recipe. It was a bit expensive, so I didn’t want to buy two whole eels.

Thaw the eel if it’s frozen and place it in a baking pan. Preheat the oven to 350°F. 

Dust the eel with the spices, or the spices of your own choice. 

Bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes, or til the flesh is soft and easily pierced with a fork. 

Eel is fairly greasy, as it turns out, so I highly recommend serving this over rice to absorb some of the grease and add some plain contrast to the rich flavours. You should also serve with fresh vegetables for a refreshing taste over the eel.

Despite the slight excess of grease, it’s quite good. The spices add lots of flavour but don’t make the dish too hot, and the eel itself is tender and tasty.


Modern AU Headcannons

James wears eyeliner
Peggy has braces
Samuel has braces
Theo is a god
Sam likes to draw to get rid of stress. Another thing he does, for the same reason, is putting all his books in alphabetical order
James speaks Hebrew when he’s super angry
Theodosia Sr is a strong believer in horoscopes and plam reading
Thomas goes Sherlock crazy with his violin sometimes
Lafayette is nonbinary
Ace Burr is cuddly as fuck and needs a lot of hugs sometimes
Thomas is the biggest David Garret fangirl
Samuel has a lisp
Charles listens to Punk music
James and Thomas met by Thomas wearing an Iron Man shirt and James wearing a Spider-Man shirt and they got into a fight over who is better and that’s how they became friends.
Peggy wears Bee Movie pajamas
Peggy has a subscription to Netflix only so she can watch the Bee Movie.
Burr loves bacon
James has feminine lips
Samuel loves it when he gets kissed all over his face, it makes him feel super warm and fuzzy inside. And when he’s cuddling he tends to nuzzle and purr a LOT
George is a terrible cook
James has a lot of stuffed animals because he can’t stand something not sleeping next to him. He favorite one is a sheep named Jane.
Theo is Asexual and Biromantic
Laf is aroace.
Theo only wears short and dresses. She doesn’t own any pants
Theo also really loves rain
Sam secretly listens to Bo Burnham
James listens to emo bands and drags Thomas to concerts and Thomas will never admit he likes them

What Kind of Girl They Would Date - Harry Potter Preference


Harry Potter would date a more loving and caring girl who he could let out all his emotions to. She would also have to have a bit of sass in her and be more independent than most girls. I could see Harry spending hours on end sharing stories about his parents to her that Sirius had told him of, and she would listen intently, knowing how much it meant to Harry to talk about his parents. Also, she wouldn’t bring up the whole ‘chosen one’, seeing as it made Harry a bit uncomfortable. She would be very observant and either placed in the Gryffindor or Slytherin house but either way, Harry wouldn’t mind and would love her none the less. 


Ron would go for a girl more leaning towards the Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff house. She would be more interested in her studies and future than messing around, but that didn’t mean she lacked the capability of letting loose and having fun. Ron would be completely mesmerized by her natural beauty and the fact that she didn’t flaunt it off, and also her love for animals. I could see them cooking together at the Burrow the first time Ron takes her to meet his family, and the whole Weasley family loving her cooking. 

George Weasley-

For some reason I could see George Weasley falling for a more shy and reserved type of girl. She would be in any house but Slytherin and would be insanely down to earth and extremely kind-hearted and deeply devoted to whatever she set her mind to. Though she would be a bit iffy on George’s love for pranks, in fear of them getting out of hand. But once she sees his love for the silly jokes, she would fully support him on his dreams and even offer to be a tester for the less permanent pranks. She would also grow to be like a sister to Fred and Lee, who slowly manage to bring her out of her shell. George would bring her to the Burrow on almost every break where Molly would just eat her loving self up, and also where George would teach her how to play Quidditch. For the rest of the night they would mess around together in the backyard scrimmaging one-another and at the end George would ‘let’ her win so he could reward her with a short but sweet kiss. 

Fred Weasley-

Unlike his brother, Fred Weasley would go for a bit more loud and outgoing girl who knows how to handle herself. She would be placed in either the Gryffindor or Slytherin house and if she were to be a Slytherin student Fred would throw all his stereotypes on Slytherin’s out the window the second he lays eyes on her. Fred would feed off of her carefree and reckless personality constantly finding himself falling more and more in love with her everyday. Much like George’s girl, Fred’s would also be one hundred percent on board for whatever crazy plans he would have made up for his future career and would even help him pursue them. She would be attached to the hip to Fred’s younger sister Ginny and spend most of her time at the Burrow hanging out with the youngest Weasley much to Fred’s disappointment. But of course she would make it up to him with endless amounts of cuddles and kisses. 

Draco Malfoy- 

Draco would go for a strong, slightly arrogant girl who would know how to hold her head high. She would most likely be in the Slytherin house, which would be how the two of them would meet. In her own little way without even realizing it, she would help to make Draco become a better person. He would fall in love with her braveness and would respect her will. She would also be on the Quidditch team with Draco and the season when she found herself injured, she would be on the side lines cheering him on the whole time. 

-Daizy xx

Relationship with George.

Relationship with George??? pLEASE AND THANK YOU - JE

big spoon/little spoon: George is the big spoon. He is always as close as possible to your body. He says it is the fact that the bed is tiny but he really doesn’t need to be that close.

favourite non-sexual activity: George loves to play Quidditch with you. You are terrible at it but he loves that. It’s the perfect excuse to grab you and tackle you. Even when you point out there is no tackling.

who uses all the hot water:

You do. It’s even worse if he jumps in with you. This happens a lot!

the most trivial thing they fight over: You cleaning up what you think is a mess when it’s his newest pet project. “Love you put the new farting candy in the bin!” “I honestly thought they were old gross raisins.”

who does most of the cleaning: You. Molly was too good to hIm but you do feel a bit like a mother at times.

season pass on their DVR/who controls the Netflix queue:

It’s your Netflix. He likes it at times but when you’re bingeing something he gets sad that he is not your full attention.

who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: You. It probably broke because of something he did. When the person comes to fix it however he likes to nod along and makes comments like he knew all along.”See y/n I said it was probably the coil.”

who steals the blankets: George does. Even though you have been sleeping together for quite some time he forgets there is another body in the bed that also needs warmth. “You are a twin. You should know how to share. You shared your mother.””Yah worst nine months of my fuckin life.”

who leaves their stuff around: George. Is that even really a question.

who remembers to buy the milk: You. Molly has always taken care of everything and you have been lovingly passed the buck.

who remembers anniversaries: You. He always seems to pull through somehow.

Who cooks normally?: George funnily enough.Molly has taught two of her children how to cook and He and Ginny were the only two who seemed interested.

How often do they fight?: Everyday. “I swear t’ god if you don’t stop ticklin’ me I will lose my bloody mind.” or the famous “ Stop trying to prank me! I know all of your secrets.”

What do they do when they’re away from each other?: George is working. You are reading a book in the quiet as it isn’t often you have silence in your life.

Nicknames for each other?: George loves to call you Petal. Or Love. You call him Lamb. The two of you are still not sure where it came from but it has stuck.

Who is more likely to pay for dinner?: George would pay every time if you let him. You insist however on keeping it fifty-fifty.

What would they get each other for gifts?: George gets you simple gifts that you want. It’s always that newest book you won’t shut up about. You stick with things he would never buy himself that he wants. Like a fancy watch.

Who kissed who first? : You did. It was a surprise to the both of you, however. It was after the match that the team had won. You ran up to give him a celebratory hug with an accidental kiss. The accidental kiss was replaced by a much more passionate kiss quickly after the two of you pulled apart.

Who made the first move?: George. In his dorm bed. At night. With all of his roommates in their own beds a couple of feet away. It was awkward and amazing.

Who remembers things?: George. He was terrible at school but he can tell you what might be in one of his tricks.

Who started the relationship?: You did because you made Fred ask George what the hell was taking so long.

Who cusses more?: George. He is pretty good at not swearing near kids. He is, however, terrible at not swearing around his mother who makes sure to give him a hearty smack.

What would they do if the other was hurt?: George would stay near your side. He would have to be forced to leave to eat or shower.

In honor of the new Charles Manson documentary tonight on ABC at 9 EST, (looks kinda sensationalistic but eh), I’m posting Dylan’s Charles Manson paper. 

Dylan Klebold
L.A., Per. 6

The Mind and Motives of Charles Manson

In 1994, Oliver Stone directed a film, using a Quentin Tarantino-written script about a pair of serial killers, (partially using the “Bonnie and Clyde” theme) entitled “Natural Born Killers.” This film portrayed the main two characters who, at the point between innocent teen-ager and experienced adult, defy society, and get lost in their own little world, killing, and robbing whoever they come across. Although still on Earth, they live by their own morals, beliefs, and at the end of the film, expose the media and the law for its flaws. The truth to this movie is that it was not made to reproduce the Bonnie and Clyde theme, but it was almost an exact parallel to one man, with similar experiences in the late nineteen-sixties; Charles Manson. Oliver Stone stated later, in an interview related to the movie “The idea was that he could become more like Charles Manson.” (Describing an interview with Mickey Knox, the serial killer in Natural Born Killers.) The parallels from the film to the most stunning murders in the sixties can be seen from the similarities in the interviews between Manson and Knox, to the setting and time period. The point being that the movie was later considered one of the most daring movies of all time, thus just scraping the surface of the severity of the story behind Charles Manson and his so-called “family.”

Charles Manson was born near 1935 to an unknown father and a prostitute. Not much is known about his past, just abstract things. Manson went to a foster home at age three, and his mother later was arrested for robbery. From then to the age of eighteen and past, he was moved around from foster home to foster home, juvenile prison to juvenile prison. His prison record included two counts of forgery, two counts of mail theft, check forgery, probation violation, pimping and GTA. It was around this time in his life that he met the early members in his family.

Patricia Krenwinkle was an average girl growing up in the suburbs. She got average grades, and sang in her school’s glee club. She had one sister, a mother, and their father was an insurance agent. At age eighteen, she was a secretary, and had just joined the hippie movement. She met Charles Manson at a party at the house of her sister’s friend. He was playing an original, yet sad song on his guitar. She was drawn to him by his karma, mood, and attitude, which led to their sleeping together that same night. He enticed her, by words of love and happiness, to an extent that she was happy whenever he was around, and never wanted to leave him. Two days after meeting him, they, with others, left for San Francisco.

Leslie Van Houten had a similar upbringing. She was a suburbanite who sang in a church choir, and was later the homecoming princess at her high school. Other than the fact that her father left the family when she was young, she had an uneventful early life. At her late teenage years, she wanted more than normal girls had at that time. She heard about Manson, how he had the answers, and how closely he portrayed Christ. She too met with him and with the happiness that he appeared to bring with him. With Manson she later explained her actions “I followed him because I anticipated a positive change.”
Others like Krenwinkle and Van Houten had gotten word of Manson’s unearthly beliefs and prophecies. Charles “Tex” Watson, once an All-American high school athlete, later became Manson’s biggest believer. Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, whose father was an Aeronautical Engineer, was also a follower, and later was the acting head of the family when Manson was not around. These people, and dozens others followed Manson out West, first to San Francisco, and then further South, winding up at a place called Spahn Ranch.

Charles Manson would later have a “family” of these followers, who literally did whatever he asked. They found happiness in his and each other’s presence. It was mainly a piece of the hippie movement; a way to stray from the norm and live opposite of what one was raised to learn. The structure was simple; he was the leader, the Christ, the martyr of the group, and they listened and did what he said. This type of control, however innocent the motives, could be considered a cult, and was later labeled as such. Yet, the main principals behind their family was, and only was, Manson’s will. The Mind and Motives of Charles Manson, and society’s counteractions are best described when his beliefs, his actions to support and uphold these beliefs, and society’s laws to stop him are taken into account.

Manson has been proclaimed by many to be insane. The question of whether or not he is insane is a question of opinion, which cannot have a “true” right answer. However, his beliefs, which fueled his and his family’s actions between 1968 and 1975 conflicted with society’s morals, around which this country revolves. The severity of Manson and his family’s doings are reasoned behind his beliefs toward himself, his family, nature, other people, and the law.

Charles Manson, on many occasions, has compared himself to Jesus Christ. He believed that he was Christ, and the world had made him suffer just as Christ did two thousand years ago. He also had his family believing that he was Christ. He said in an interview, when asked how he got his followers to believe that he was Jesus, “I was just being myself… all men is Jesus Christ.” He also believed that he was Satan, to come to Earth and start Helter-Skelter, what he called a prophetical Armageddon.

His family, he believed, had two main spiritual duties to learn to be him and to act like him, and to also learn and believe in what he did. He and the family lived with each other, living off, what he would consider love, for each other, and the earth. He told them that the happiness is in love. He believed that they should, when necessary, die for him, and not feel remorse. He preached to them that death was not bad, just another high. The family eventually adopted these beliefs, thus putting them at his complete control.

Nature, according to Manson, was one of the most precious things in life. He subscribed to the belief that ATWA (Air, Trees, Water, Animals) kept humans alive, and we should treat ATWA with equal respect. He once metaphored that ATWA was a ship, and the humans wastes to the earth, pollution, and forest destruction was like a hole in the bottom of the boat. He, when living and Spahn Ranch, would tell his family to let the scorpions crawl over them, as they were animals, not meant to endanger the family.

Helter Skelter, revenge were part of his beliefs. Humans had corrupted the Earth and ATWA, and were ignorant about it. Manson had felt that society dumped him and he felt great rage for society, and people, and later found an anthem for his rage. When asked about his actions, many years after the murders, he had said that he is a part of everyone, that he mirrors people, because they shaped him. The Beatles’ “White Album” included songs (Helter Skelter, Revolution #9, Piggies, and others) that Manson felt documented his rage toward society. When at the ranch, he and the family listened to these songs many times over. Manson thought he had heard his name being said in one of the songs. Their thoughts about Helter Skelter, or the Armageddon, were brought out by these songs. In Revolution #9, he heard machine gun fire, the oinking of pigs, and a man saying, “rise.”

His beliefs would later incite Helter Skelter, using his family as a type of “army.” Some people believe that he just brutalized people, that the murders were for no cause, and he was just insane. Yet, more than twenty-five years after he and his family were convicted, he still has the same beliefs and still can logically explain his actions.

August 9, 1969 and August 10, 1969. These two days carry a dark shadow over them. Two of the first ritual cult-style mass murders in U.S. history. The first of the two changed the mood of the entire population of L.A. for almost a year. These murders were the coming of Manson’s Helter Skelter, the Armageddon of the Earth.

Spahn Ranch is a small, run down ranch near L.A. It was owned by George Spahn, who was then a decrepit, eighty-year-old wrangler, whose kids had gone away and whose wife had died. He was depressed near death when a group of hippies came to his door. They agreed to take care of him, and the ranch in exchange for living space. He agreed. The group, otherwise known as Manson’s family, had Squeaky take the most care of George, which included cleaning, cooking, making love to him, and other various tasks. The family, which consisted of twenty-six people, began its cultish life in the desert.

“We played a lot of music, we did a lot of drugs, we loved, we were happy” relies Manson when later asked about life at the ranch. The family did these things, and more. They lost their humanity at the ranch. Life was lived “now” for “today.” Manson told them to always “live today.” The family members never talked about the past, never thought about the past or the future. The initiation of female family members was just that they joined. Male members would pick any woman they wanted and made love to them. Manson’s thoughts on this was that that’s what women are for, to bait the men. The women were not allowed to deny who picked them.

They had no watches, to forget time, and society. Manson would walk up to members daily, and have them mirror his actions, to try to be exactly like him. They took hundreds of acid trips, they did marijuana, and during the acid trips, he would have them reenact the crucifixion. During these times he would ask them if they would die for him, if they would “be him.” The members had started to live Manson’s reality. Manson would hear about the discrimination against the blacks in the South, and this was partially where he based his proof that Helter Skelter was near. The members started getting more guns, knives, and other weapons. They had lookouts at the ranch. They also robbed places to get money. Leslie Van Houten even robbed her father to get money for the cause.

By August 8, 1969, Manson had already killed a few people for various reasons. These drug dealers, and bums that he did kill are civil compared to the two ritualistic murders, done for Helter Skelter. Manson once tried to get a record contract from a producer, living at 10050 Cielo Dr. In Bel-Air, which later failed. Manson, who had been telling the family for months that they needed to start Helter Skelter themselves, needed money to bail out a member from jail. Near midnight, on August 8, he called a meeting about this. He sent Pat Krenwinkle, Susan Atkins, Linda Kasabian, and Tex Watson to 10050 Cielo Dr. to get money. He had told the women to do whatever Tex told them and was remembered saying “I don’t care how you do it, but do it and get it done now!” That night, just after midnight, August 9, they pulled up to the driveway. Tex cut the telephone wires, and bypassing the electric gate, the women scaled a fence and climbed up a hill to the yard.

This house was no longer occupied by the record producer of Manson’s acquaintance, but instead a beautiful new actress named Sharon Tate. Her lover and soon-to-be husband Roman Polanski, who was a movie director, was in London at the time. She was pregnant with their eight-month-old baby. She, Jay Sebring, Voytek Frykowski, and Abigail Folger were at the house for the night. Sebring was a worldwide known hairdresser, owning Sebring International. Folger was the heiress to the Folger coffee fortune. Frykowski was an actor, her lover. Back behind the house in a small shack was William Garretson, who was a caretaker of the house, who would later be an important witness. At the time when the women jumped the fence and were waiting for Tex, they heard four gunshots. He has seen Steven parent driving up to the residence. He was an acquaintance of Garrtetson, coming to visit. He was killed instantly, four shots at point-blank range. Tex then caught up with the women, and walked to the front door. It was locked, so he went through an open window next to the door, leading the women in first. They got the four people into the living room, together. Sebring, who tried to protect Sharon, was bludgeoned in the head once, then shot and stabbed by Tex. The other three people were panicked at this time.

Frykowski tried to run out the back door, but was caught up to by Tex. He was clubbed in the head several times, shot, and stabbed. It was later counted that he was stabbed fifty-one times. Before his death, Abigail Folger had been tied up, and now was starting to get free. She ran out the back, pursued by Krenwinkle. She was ran down, and stabbed to death. Krenwinkle later recalled her saying “I’m already dead…” (Later found to have been stabbed twenty-eight times.) Finally, Sharon Tate, the only one left, was begging for the life of her baby to Tex, who replied, “Look bitch, I have no mercy for you.” He then stabbed her to death. After these five brutal murders, the killers would up taking only seventy dollars before leaving. When returning to the ranch, Manson was remembered saying only two things, “Do you have any remorse?” and “Don’t tell anyone.”

“Sharon Tate, four others slain in ritualistic murders.” These were the headlines the following day in the Los Angeles Times. Even the New York Times, which never printed murder cases on the cover page, printed the Tate murders on the cover for almost a week. The night of August 9, 1969, Lenio Labianca and his wife, Rosemary, were driving back from a vacation at Lake Isabella. It was about 3:00 AM, August 10 when they finally arrived back at their house. Manson had picked Krenwinkle, Van Houten, and Tex to go to their house. Manson still needed money, and he said that he went to a party at the neighboring house once before. He had asked Van Houten, “Can you be me, do you believe enough in me to do this?” This time, Manson came with them in a separate car. They arrived, and walked through the front door. Tex tied up Leno, who was reading the paper in the living room. At this time, Manson had left, leaving no evidence of his presence. The two girls took Rosemary into the bedroom. Manson had told Tex “Don’t scare them like last time, just kill them.” Leno was stabbed to death while Rosemary was forced to listen. Tex then came in, stabbed her to death. He then handed a knife to Van Houten, who then stabbed Rosemary in the back fifteen times. Pat then went out to the dead body of Leno. She took a fork, and stabbed him on the stomach multiple times, and finally left the fork in him. No money was taken.
During the first set of murders, they had written “Piggies” and “Helter Skelter” in Tate’s blood on the door. In the second set, they wrote with Leno’s blood “Rise.” “Death Pigs,” and “Helter Skelter” on the walls before they left. These cultish writings were the only things that the police could find in common to the two murders.

By 1970, Manson and his followers had killed more people than the victims in the Tate-Labianca murders, but the severity of the two back-to-back slaughters shocked the nation. Nobody had seen killings like these. Unprovoked, unnecessary, and inhuman.

Four months after the two murdering, police finally caught up with and arrested Manson and his followers for the murders. The cultish actions and Manson’s control over the family, however, didn’t stop when they were all in custody of the law. It had taken years after the trials for the family to break Manson’s will over them.

Manson and four of his followers were arrested four months after the murders. He, along with Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, Leslie Van Houton, and Pat Krenwinkle were charged with first-degree murder counts on Steven Parent, Sharon Tate, Abigail Folger, Voytek Frykowski, Jay Sebring, Rosemary Labianca, and Leno Labianca. The main pieces of evidence were the revolver that Tex used in the Tate murders, and fingerprints around the residence. The revolver, which was later found in a field near the site, had no gun grip, which was found in three pieces at the Tate crime scene.

Along with the seven known murders, Manson and his followers had collected a “tab” of bodies around the L.A. area, for various reasons. These others include Nancy Warren, Clida Delaney, Marina Habe, Mark Walts, Gary Hinman, Donald Shea, John Haught, James Sharp, Dorceen Gual, and Ronald Hughes, the last one, in late 1970. Also, Squeaky, Manson’s acting head of the family, had attempted to assassinate president Gerald Ford in 1975.

During the trial, Manson had his three female followers do many strange things to confuse the court, including carving X’s in their heads, always making stupid symbols in the courtroom, and even taking full blame for all murders. However, the prosecution, led by Vincent Bugliosi, had verbal evidence from a testimony given to them by Linda Kassabian. She, once a family member, had traded information to the prosecution for a full pardon. It was recalled that a family member screamed at her from outside the courthouse “You’re going to kill us all!” After the end of the trials, Manson and his family were all found guilty, partly due to the testimony of Kasabian, and also to the evidence found. They all got the death penalty, which was abolished about a year after the trials. Their sentences were reduced to life in prison. Since then, up until the present, Manson has been living in solitary confinement, without parole. Pat Krenwinkle, Leslie Van Houten, and Susan Atkins are still in prison, are allowed parole attempts and never receive them. Tex is in jail, but was allowed to marry, and has three kids.

The law of America and the state of California stopped Manson from committing more murders and mostly put an end to his family. However, the country has been shocked for twenty-five years hearing about Manson’s family. The severity of the Tate-Labianca murders have never diminished, and even though the murders are credited to Manson’s ideas, the innocent times of a hippie cult, the family’s life at Spahn Ranch can also be credited to him, and his ideas.

To this day, Manson’s influence over his followers, and the entire U.S. is still lingering. He always told people he was a crazy old man, but many people followed him. However, his beliefs, and the beliefs of his followers have changed in twenty years.

Cult behavior, for the most part, sprang up after Manson’s family affairs in the late 1960′s. One good example of the related lifestyle is David Koresh and his followers in the early 1990′s. According to Krenwinkle, the scariest thing is when Manson gets a follower from the younger generation. For example, Axel Rose recorded one of Manson’s songs, and wears a Manson T-shirt at concerts. “The biggest misconception is people thinking that what we did was OK,” says Krenwinkle in a recent interview.

To this day, Manson still believes the same things as he has all his life. He also says that he had no part in the Tate-Labianca murders, and that the government treated him unfairly. Manson will be in solitary confinement for the rest of his life, saying these things to countless reporters who choose to hear his side of the story.

Pat Krenwinkle, Leslie Van Houten, and Susan Atkins, the three women followers tried with Manson are all in jail to this day. They all have dropped Manson’s beliefs and live commendable lives. Atkins has converted to Christianity. Van Houten and Krenwinkle, who hold jobs, and help kids with drug problems, say, “The thing about Charlie is that he says he’s crazy to hide under people’s awareness. In this way, he can get people to do things for him, without them questioning his motives.” This is what they say happened to them, and countless others, who subscribed to Manson’s beliefs, and suffered the consequences.

Manson’s murder case was the most extraordinary of the time period, especially taking into account the hippie era. However, the murders partially stemmed from the era as he had so many people under his control, believing every word, what he thought of turned into a reality. Oliver Stone compliments Manson when describing his interview with Geraldo Rivera, saying that Manson had the upper hand of the discussion the entire time. Intelligence is not one and the same with sanity, however, which might have explained Manson’s retaliation against society. It is of somebody’s opinion to decide whether or not they think Manson is insane. Yet, his mind and motives can explain why he acted how he did, and why society didn’t approve.

Did Victorian-Era Gay Men Think Sherlock Holmes Was Gay?

Something I’ve often wondered about is whether or not there is any documentation that any contemporaries of the Sherlock Holmes stories in any way thought them to be gay. What I mean is: did any homosexual men read the stories and understand the characterisation/subtext to imply, if not johnlock vibes, at least homosexuality, not least for the character of Sherlock Holmes himself?

I have come to the end of the book London and the Culture of the Homosexuality, 1885-1914 by Matt Cook and it seems he’s saved a lovely bit for last.

My new fave George Ives (I’ve written about him in other posts) kept meticulous journals, much of which informed Cook’s work. Ives routinely engaged in self-examination against the stereotypes of homosexuals newly outlined by sexologists and found himself similar in some ways and different in others, both of which he carefully recorded in his diaries. He noted his “keen aesthetic sense” and “lack of taut muscle”, among other things.

In March 1901, Ives records in his diary that he considers himself to be:

 “the Sherlock Holmes of a 1000 little peculiarities”

Here we have a man who identified as homosexual relating to a character who he may have recognised to be homosexual as well. Ives definitely doesn’t write “yeah I’m gay and I know Holmes is gay too” but I think it’s interesting that he would have included this little comparison in alongside his descriptions of whether or not he matches the “gay profile”.

(Previous posts in my series on London and the Culture of Homosexuality, 1885-1914 by Matt Cook can be found here.)