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The sheer, utter innocence about this moment, though.

I’ve heard film critics say: “It wasn’t dramatic enough!” But, you know, I think it was.

Neither one has any clue how much they are going to absolutely destroy one another and just how nasty things are going to get. They’re both so young, naive and nice here. 

A cute, friendly little handshake. That’s how it started. 

The horror hasn’t hit them yet. And the viewer knows it hasn’t. We know more than they do. 


its been awhile tumblr friends this fight imo was perfectly done you feel the tension between the two as they stare the anger the hate as maul steps forward i feel he’s reflecting on his past battles with obi wan but i also feel he knows he’s gonna die i love the beautiful poetry to honor their very first fight in phantom menace as they exchange blows maul used the same move to kill qui gon but obi wan has been studying him and preparing when maul fell to his knees and dying in kenobi’s arms i didn’t see a sith lord i saw a person with a dark tragic past who lost everything his final words *he will avenge us was so powerful *he* is the new hope for everyone that has suffered from the darkside again this fight was perfect major kudos to sam witwer dave filoni and george lucas for creating and giving so much life to this great amazing character may the force guide you to your brother maul
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On March 11, 2013, LucasFilm Animation announced the end of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars tv show on Their announcement stated that " LucasFilm has decided to pursue a new direction in animated programming," that "we feel the time has come to wind down the series," and that "fans can soon...

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Anakin and Obi-Wan about Ahsoka
  • Obi-Wan: You can't take responsibility for Ahsoka'a decision, Anakin.
  • Anakin: How would you feel if I turned into a major disappointment?
  • Obi-Wan: It's not the same.
  • Anakin: It's PRECISELY the same. You took me under your wing and practically raised me! I'm your padawan just like Ahsoka was mine. How well would you sleep knowing I failed you?
  • Obi-Wan: Not very well I imagine. Luckily that isn't true, and never will be.
  • Me: Fuck you too Dave Filoni.