george bush jokes

By popular request...

I present to you: Presidents Dancing

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights, shall we?

Ha ha, ol’ Bush. Classic.

Well hello there Mr. Washington (impersonator)

Oh, come on Tiny Nixon, you can do better than that!

Work it, Tiny Clinton!

He’s not even a US President and I don’t even care! (please don’t throw me in jail)

And of course my personal favorite…

The most important person in America, dancing with Barack Obama.

horhardaho  asked:

Could you stop it with the Hitler jokes? My grandfather died because of the Holocaust. He fell out of a guard tower.

Please put this more in context, it would be like saying to not make George Bush jokes because someone died in the Iraq war.

Hitler was not a direct cause, he was just a crazy dictator with a lot of dumb ideals that he somehow managed to make convincing with his charisma and charm.


grimelords replied to your post: grimelords replied to your post:anyway…

the 90s alt comedy mentality of ‘comedy is the most cutting edge artform and is an agent for massive political change’ needs to die off cause it was never ever true to the extent that these old guys think it was

patton oswalt and louis ck stumbling around the stage all “THIS george w. bush joke will finish off the military-industrial complex”

even if it was a tool for massive political change, 1. their politics are mostly “mildly liberal, but i still want to get to say slurs and make fun of gay kids” and 2. hilariously, they absolutely cannot STAND to be made fun of