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Draco Malfoy x Reader: The Yule Ball (Part 1)

Heyy guys, I got this idea in my head and decided to write it out here! Please tell me what you guys think and maybe for a part 2? I hope you guys enjoy it!

Part 2 Part 3 here!

Word count: 606

Warnings: one bad word I swear. 

You took in a deep breath and smoothed down the front of your dress. “Alright, you can do this, (Y/L/N). You can do this.” Satisfied with your appearance, you strapped on the pair of heels  Hermione had bought and left to the Great Hall.

Draco stood at the left side of the stairs near the Great Hall with Crabbe and Goyle. His date, Pansy Parkinson, dressed in a pale blue halter dress and silver heels, clung onto his arm. “Is that bitch coming down, Draco dearie?” She purred. “Or is she too scared to come down and scare everyone with her monstrous looks?” It was no doubt that Pansy hated you. Initially, Draco would have laughed at the remark, but he could not find the usual disgust, so he remained silent and smirked for the show.

Hermione had already walked down, amazed everybody with her appearance, and joined hands with Viktor Krum. The dance of the four champions had started, and yet, no sign of you. “We should get going, Draco.” Pansy seductively placed a hand on his arm. He tried his best not to be repulsed by her touch, put on a winning smile, and escorted his date into the hall.

 The ball was in its full swing by the time you stepped into the hall. Fred and George, who had been loitering around the entrance, stopped you from going any further inside.

“What are you two doing?” You arched an eyebrow, an amused expression on your face. “Escorting a beautiful girl- ” Fred put out a hand. “ -to the Yule Ball.” George put out another hand. Heartfelt laughter escaped your lips. “Won’t Angelina and Katie be jealous?” The twins grinned at her cheekily. “The two of them are dancing with some Durmstrangs. They won’t miss us.”

Playing along with their little skit, you dropped into a curtsy. “Why, thank you, young gentlemen.” You placed both hands each into their outstretched ones, and the twins, being at their most gentlemanly behavior, escorted you in like a queen.

Draco took a break from dancing and sat on his table. Pansy, great Merlin’s beard, was a horrible dancer. Not only has she stepped on his feet, she almost tripped and fell. To say he was embarrassed was an understatement.

As he drank his pumpkin juice, his eyes scanned through the hall, and stopped short when he say you being escorted by the Weasley twins. You laughed at their attempts at being gentlemanly, and his heart skipped a beat. An unknown feeling crept up, and it filled his heart with something he didn’t understand, and before he knew it, he stood up and walked towards you.

 From the corner of your eyes, you saw Draco make his way towards you. “Hey, (Y/N).” Fred looked at you with concern. “If you want us to, we will make him go away.” George nodded in agreement. However, you smiled at them confidently. “No, I can take care of him. I wouldn’t be a very good Slytherin if I couldn’t.” You winked at them.

The twins shared a look. “Alright, but if he does something, we are including your brains for our next prank.” You laughed. “Definitely.” The twins each grabbed a hand of yours and playfully kissed your knuckles. “With that my lady,” Fred spoke in a mocking British accent. “We shall take our leave.” George spoke with the same accent. “We hope you enjoy the ball.” The twins spoke in unison, and left you to their dates.

With Fred and George gone, you braced yourself when Draco neared you. “Would you like to dance?” He put out a hand.

Fred Weasley Imagine - Who Cares?

Can you do an imagine where you’re muggleborn and your parents make you get braces and you feel so insecure and your boyfriend of like 4 years, Fred, comforts you after people bully you about them? Love the blog! Thank you! - requested by madddddiieee 

No problem!  Hope you like it!

     I was on the Hogwarts express headed to school for the fifth time, but it felt like the first.  Not only had I hidden from my fellow classmates on the platform, I had chosen a compartment by myself.  I didn’t want anyone to see me.

     Over the summer, my parents had made me get braces.

     It didn’t seem too bad, at least until I started wondering what my friends would think.  It only got worse when Draco Malfoy (although he was a year younger than me, he was quite mean to me) teased me on the platform, calling me a “mudblood” and a “brace-face.”

     I wanted to melt into the floor, or be forgotten about, but it was impossible, because my metal-covered teeth made me a spectacle in the wizarding world.

     After Draco had said that, I couldn’t even look for my friends.  I slunk off into a corner, mouth closed, wishing that everyone would forget about me.

     At first it seemed my wish came true - everyone had forgotten about me - until about halfway through the train ride, when a familiar red headed boy burst into my compartment.

     “y/n!” Fred, my boyfriend, exclaimed, “I’ve been looking for you everywhere!”

     He pulled me into a tight hug, and I felt a bit better.

     “Come sit with us!  Right now it’s just George, Lee, and I and both of us know who I would rather be with!”

     I giggled a bit, but covered my mouth with my hand.

     “y/n,” Fred said, “What’s wrong?  Did you hurt your mouth?”

     I spoke, but kept my hand over my face.  “Um, no.  Actually, my parents … my parents … um …”

     Fred waited patiently.

     “Myparentsmademegetbraces.”  I spoke quickly, hoping he wouldn’t catch my words.

     “Your parents made you get what?”

     I sighed and moved my hand away from my mouth.  “Braces.  They’re what muggles use to fix their teeth.”

     Fred squinted at my mouth.  “Whoa!  Those are cool!”

     I rolled my eyes.  “No they aren’t!  They’re ugly, and besides, they hurt!”

     “Come on, y/n, they aren’t ugly!  They make you look cute,” Fred said, kissing me lightly on the mouth.  “And I’m sorry they hurt.  Maybe if I kiss you some more you’ll feel better?”

     I snorted, but had to repress a smile.

     “y/n,” Fred said gently, “You look beautiful, no matter what anyone tells you.  Plus, you’re special because you’ll be the only one at Hogwarts with braces!”

     “But that’s exactly what I’m afraid of!” I looked at him.  “I don’t want to be different!  I’m already a mudblood, isn’t that bad enough?”

     “Oh, y/n,” Fred said sadly.

     “Never mind,” I snapped and turned away from him.  “Why don’t you go back with George and Lee.  I’m sure they’d actually want to talk to you.”

     I heard him move and I figured that the slamming of the compartment door would soon follow, but instead, I felt him gently wrap his arms around me and pull me into a tight hug.

     “y/n,” he whispered, “No one cares if your parents are muggles - except for Malfoy and he’s a prick.  None of your friends are going to care if you have braces.  Actually, I’ll bet you a galleon that most people will think they’re cool.  I’m sure my dad would.”

     “Anyways,” Fred continued, “Who cares what they think?  I love you and you should love you because you’re still the same person you were before the braces.”

Scar - George Weasley x Reader

George sat Y/N Lupin down to explain his plan for leaving Hogwarts. The two had been dating since their fourth year. They were now in seventh year and have been dating happily for three years. “ My love…I’m leaving the school to start the joke shop with Fred. Angelina is coming with us.” George braced for a fight. Y/N looked down at her hands. She had a feeling this was happening. “ I understand George…I won’t stop you. If this is your dream then i’ll support it.” George sighed and relief he had been dreading telling Y/N his plan. “ I want you to understand I need to stay at school and finish my N.E.W.T courses so, I won’t be there to help you.” George was silent. Why did he think Y/N would drop everything and come with him? A pang of disappointment lingered. He smiled faintly. “ I know. We’ll all be waiting for you on the other side.” Y/N wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. “ Promise to stay safe.” George smiled and wrapped his arms around Y/N’s waist. “ I promise.” Y/N let go of George. “ Also, promise me.” Y/N smirked. “ Give her hell George.” George started to laugh.” Of course I will my love.”

The day of the departure Y/N hugged her best friend Angelina Black. “Take care of them.” Angelina laughed. “ I’ll be the babysitter till you arrive.” Y/N hugged the twins. “ I’ll come as soon as I can. Make me proud.” “ Yes Ms Lupin!” The twins chimed together. Y/N was startled by the sound of fireworks. Should couldn’t help but, smile when she saw the blur of the red headed twins through the school. In a weird way she was proud of them for standing up to Dolores Umbridge’s dictatorship. The final blast of the Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes logo signal the end of The Weasley twins time at Hogwarts. Y/N saw George wink at her as he flew into the distance. “ You!” Umbridge yelled pointing at Y/N, her usual pink outfit ruined. Y/N’s eyes grew wide as the woman grabbed her tightly by the wrist. The pain caused Y/N to yelp in pain as Umbridge dragged her towards her office.

Umbridge slammed her office door. The walls a sickening candy floss pink with decorative cat plates crowding the walls. Y/N had never seen Umbridge so mad before. Her usual composure was gone. “ I know you were involved in this Ms Lupin!” Y/N violently shook her head. “ No Headmistress! I had no idea this was going on! I would have stopped them!” Umbridge pushed Y/N into a chair. “ You’re dating one of those worthless twins! If they won’t face punishment i’ll give you theirs to you!” Umbridge handed her a quill. “ I want you to draw a diagonal line on your paper.” Umbridge said regaining her composure. Y/N confused drew the line as told. A sharp pain from Y/N’s back made her jolt. “ I want you to copy over that line till I see fit.” Umbridge said with a smile. Y/N complied while tears of pain filled her eyes.

An hour later of copying the line her robes were soaked with blood. She was forbidden to see Madame Pomfrey. She decided against going back to the Ravenclaw tower. She knew if she made it to the Gryffindor towers her friends Neville Longbottom and Hermione Granger would be able to help her. She finally made it to the fat lady painting. She managed to muster the strength for the password “ Mimbulus Mimbletonia.” The painting swung open. Y/N vision was now tunnelled. The person to greet her at the door was Ginny Weasley George’s younger sister. “ Y/N? Oh Merlin! Neville help me get her to the couch.” Y/N fell into the poor scared boy’s arms. “ We got to get her the hospital ward!” Neville yelled placing Y/N on the couch. He made sure to put her on her side. “ Umbridge did this…i’m banned from the hospital wing.” Ginny’s hazel eyes grew as big as saucers. “ I’ll get Hermione. Neville keep her awake!” Ginny ran out of the common room. Through her pain she felt bad for her friend Neville trying his best to keep her awake.

Hermione, Ron ,and Harry arrived in the common room. Hermione let out a gasp. “ Let’s see the wound.” Hermione took over. The robes were pulled to see a perfect diagonal slice in Y/N’s back. “ I know a plant that can help!” Neville yelled running up the dormitory stairs. Y/N faded into blackness. She woke up to the sharp pain in her back. She was still on the couch. Patched with gauze and anything the Gryffindor students could find. “ You’re awake.” A familiar voice said. She looked to see Ginny. “ Ginny? What happened?” Ginny walked over to Y/N with a glass of water. “ You passed out after Neville got a plant that managed to stop the bleeding. Its scabbed over now I’m afraid there’s going to be a scar there now.” Scar? How was she going to hide this from George? “ Ginny, Don’t tell George about this.” “ But, Y/N-” “ Please Ginny… he’ll blame himself. Promise me.” Ginny nodded slowly.

The rest of the semester Y/N tried to focus on her N.E.W.T. It was a day to day struggle. Hermione and Neville did everything they could to help with the pain management for that, Y/N was thankful. Leaving Hogwarts was one of the hardest things she ever had to do. Y/N said goodbye to the familiar corridors that seemed endless when she was eleven. She burned the familiar memories of late nights in the Ravenclaw towers. Y/N said goodbye to the grand hall where her friend and herself would eat and laugh everyday. The memory of the Yule Ball and dancing the night away with George. Surprisingly the hardest thing to say goodbye to was the Hogwarts express. This is where her life changed. She met George in the very compartment she sat in on the ride home. Would her life be different if all the other compartments weren’t full and she didn’t have to sit with Fred and George? She gave one last somber smile towards the Hogwarts express. She knew she would be back someday when another chapter of her life started.

Y/N was so excited to see George and Fred’s new shop Weasley Wizard Wheezes. She knew it would be too busy for George to meet her at the station. She smiled at the note he sent before she left. “ Your future is located at number 93 Diagon Alley.” She wanted to look nice for the first time she sees George in months. She changed into a plan fit and flare jade green dress. Y/N slipped on her black Mary Jane pumps to close the height gap between George and herself. She tied her H/C hair into a bun. She turned in her dress towards the bathroom mirror. Could you see the scar? No? Good. She sighed in relief. She got her bags and headed towards her new life in Diagon Alley.

George was especially cheery today. He hadn’t gotten any letters from Y/N. He was busy with the success of the shop. He kept glancing down at his watch. “ Watching the clock makes time go slower George.” Angelina said walking past him to grab a customer a self inking quill. “ I know but, the train arrived an hour ago. What if something happened?” Fred patted George on the back. “ Stop ya worrying. She can very well find her way here. It’s just finding her in the crowd. “ I can pick her out of a crowd of millions.” Fred pretended to gagged and rolled his eyes heading towards some newly arrived Hogwarts students.

Y/N stood in front of 93 Diagon Alley, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. A smile crept across her face seeing the logo on the front. This was just a dream George and Fred had years ago. It was real now. She could see it. The store was buzzing with people. It was practically filled to the brim with old and young alike. Jokes on every wall. All the products she used to help George and Fred make were now being bought by people. It was amazing. She spun around it the middle of the store looking up the staircase. “ Y/N!” Angelina was the first to spot her. The two best friends hugged one another. “ This is absolutely brilliant!” Y/N yelled. “Y/N?” Y/N turned around. There he was George Weasley. She missed him so much. “ George-” she felt herself being lifted off the floor in a hug. “ This is amazing George it’s everything I imagined and more!” Y/N said in between giggles. She rested her head of his forehead. “ I missed you so much my love.” George said above a whisper. “ Um guys.” Fred coughed. Y/N looked up to see she was the centre of attention. Her face went red and she covered her face. This caused George to laugh. “ Sorry ladies and gentlemen! Haven’t seen the miss in a while.” George yelled placing Y/N down. She couldn’t help but, laugh along with the crowd.

The next few hours were a blur of helping in the shop and unpacking. Y/N stretched on her bed. Yawning looking at her suitcases all half unpacked. She changed into her white sleep shirt. She heard a knock of the door. “ Come in.” It was close to midnight. “ It’s time to sleep my love-” George froze. “ What’s wrong George?” He slowly pointed at Y/N. she looked in the mirror. The scar had reopened. Blood stained her night shirt and now the bed spread. She hadn’t noticed. She was busy unpacking everything and excited about the shop and George to notice the pain in her back. All colour left her face. “What happened?” How was she going to get out of this. She thought she’d be able to hide it longer. “ What happened?” George said sternly. Y/N tried her best not to cry. “ When you left…Umbridge thought I helped you guys pull it off. She decided I needed to be punished.” Tears over flowed in her eyes. “ She made me copy a line over and over with her quill on my back for an hour. She banned me from seeing Madame Pomfrey or go to the hospital wing.” She rubbed her eyes with her sleeve. “ Neville and Hermione did there best but, they couldn’t fix it.” George was now hugging her. “ I’m taking you to St Mungo’s right now.” George called for Angelina and Fred. A gasp could be heard from Angelina. George explained what happened with an anger in his voice Y/N had never heard before.

“ We’ll keep you overnight for observation. You have a high temperature . We’ll make sure you get Blood-Replenishing Potion every hour on the hour.” Y/N nodded towards the healer who patched her scar up. When the healer left the room she was alone with a worried George. “ This is all my fault.I should have stayed. If not I knew I should have taken you with me. I was so selfish for publicity.” Y/N placed her hand on George’s shaking hand. “ I’m going to kill her.” His knuckles were white. “ It’s over now George.” Y/N rubbed his knuckles with her thumb. “ I will never forgive myself for this.” George refused to look Y/N in the eyes. “ George you listen to me. You didn’t know that awful woman would do this I know you wouldn’t have let it happen.” He placed his forehead against hers. “ I’m sorry this happened to you my love.” Y/N left the hospital the next morning. The scar was now a faint white line. It took a long time for George not to feel his stomach drop every time he saw the scar. He learned the love the scar. The scar was apart of Y/N and he truly loved her with all his heart.

The Story of Music. George Brace. A Ladybird Book. Wills & Hepworth Ltd, Loughborough, England, 1968. Pictorial Cover. First edition.

Ladybird Books traces its origins to 1867, when Henry Wills opened a bookshop in Loughborough. Within a decade he progressed to printing and publishing guidebooks and street directories. He was joined by William Hepworth in 1904, and the company traded as Wills & Hepworth. Around 1915, Wills & Hepworth published their first children’s books, under the Ladybird imprint.

The Boiled Leather Screen Scene Premiere Report

Last night, in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, I attended the world premiere of the Game of Thrones season four premiere at Lincoln Center and the afterparty at the American Museum of Natural History. (In the whale room!) As a service to you, the hoi polloi loyal reader, I will pass along some observations, starting with serious big-picture stuff that registered with me in a new way thanks to being physically present at this thing, then smoothly segueing into celebrity gossip.

* The sheer magnitude of the Game of Thrones undertaking is hard to understand until you’re physically swept up in it. You know? Like, until you walk past the specific person hired to stand in this specific doorway in this specific room in the Museum of Natural History to steer people in the right direction for the festivities during the afterparty, the physical fact that this is all a human undertaking is something understood more academically than tangibly. That it all sprang from the head of one guy, that one writer made it possible, that’s really bracing. George R.R. Martin, job creator!

* Nothing makes the triumph of nerd culture feel quite so absolute as seeing a life-sized dragon outside the Metropolitan Opera. Seriously, this is a very real sensation I experienced. I have a great many reservations, even revulsions, regarding how postmillennial geek culture has played out and gone mainstream, but the little boy in me who read The Hobbit in kindergarten and was never the same was just so very happy about it all. They hired the goddamn New York Philharmonic Orchestra to play the theme song and “The Rains of Castamere” at the beginning of the screening, for crying out loud! And again, you could look at GRRM and understand that he felt the same way. 

* Waiting on line to get my picture taken on the Iron Throne, it occurred to me: You know you’re doing something right with your show when people line up to get their picture taken with a prop. I like to think that I’m not a GoT triumphalist – on the whole I like the show very much, but there are things I don’t like about it, and there are other things that don’t faze me but which I can nonetheless understand people’s objections to – but it’s connecting with people like crazy, in ways that are specific to the story. And (this is key) ways that are easily brandable, meme-able, broadcastable over social media, and so on. I could throw together a BuzzFeed listicle of the best celebrity-on-the-Iron-Throne selfies, you know? This is best understood not just as a triumph of marketing, but as a unique strength of the story and how it’s told. When Martin came up with this stuff it’s obvious he couldn’t and didn’t anticipate either social networking or the New Golden Age of Television, but it wound up being a perfect fit with both anyway.

* Before the screening, Benioff & Weiss introduced all the cast members in attendance, asking them to stand up but could we please hold our applause until the end, that kind of thing. Naturally people applauded anyway; most of the actors reacted by just kinda popping up and sitting down, except Charles Dance, who got up and milked it quite hilariously. It’s good to be (the Hand of) the king.

* Audible gasps of surprise and delight about the presence of Diana Rigg. 

* Jack Gleeson was booed! 

* All the actors clean up nice. Most (Sophie Turner) but not all (Emilia Clarke) are taller than you’d expect. Rory McCann and Kristian Nairn are in a height class by themselves.

* Michael McElhatton’s presence at the afterparty was genuinely unnerving. I’m not being cute about it, even. You’d see him and just go “gah, jesus, so creepy!” Poor dude/good actor. I still have my concerns about the show’s ability to sell us on Roose Bolton being scarier than Ramsay Snow, but a lot less so now that I’ve seen how deeply I myself internalized it without thinking.

* The silver fox quotient on this show is through the damn roof. If you can see Ser Davos Seaworth in his civvies and not wanna run your fingers through his stubble you’re a better man than I.

* No Dormer, so my professional decorum did not receive the trial by combat I was anticipating. 

* There were plenty of other celebrities in attendance, mostly but not solely from other HBO shows. Of these my three personal favorite close encounters were 1) Watching Lily Allen chat with George R.R. Martin for a while before stepping into that virtual-reality Wall thing and screaming her head off; 2) Gazing in awe at Michael Stuhlbarg as he walked around the room; 3) Watching Larry Gilliard Jr., aka D'Angelo Barksdale from The Wire, take a selfie with the dragon.

* If you ever see footage of cast members doing the virtual-reality thing and whooping and hollering, and you wonder if it’s a put-on by HBO, I can assure you it’s not. I saw half the cast do that thing and carry on just like us civilians. Alfie Allen left the attraction proclaiming “This is the future!” Martin did it himself! It was all pretty adorable tbh.

* Hordes, absolute hordes, of moneyed middle-aged men at this thing. Where do they all come from? Was a Wall of some sort breached? Moneyed middle-aged men will always be around to benefit from any endeavor, I suppose. 

* Oh, the episode? I think it’s very good. I’m limited as to what I can say, but broad strokes: It’s clear from the first scene that this is now a show about the Lannisters; the set/costume/makeup design and visual effects all hold up to big-screen presentation; the Hound/Arya material is going to be wildly popular – laughter and cheering and applause in a roomful of media professionals. You can look forward to it.