george and paul!


The last part of my hamlaf trilogy that I started so fricking long ago I can’t find the other two. But I’ve done it. Enjoy. This is for @halpdevon <3.

Alexander paced about the room, his boots clicking on the bare wood floor. His commander’s desk was empty, he shook his head, trying to remember that Washington was no longer directly in command of him. His pacing continued, the tree outside the window scratched the glass as it blew about in the light wind. The men had been grateful for the breeze, there had been many a day of stagnation in camp. Alexander had seen it, men laid out on their backs staring straight up in to the clear blue sky. The tension was building, gaining in heat and strength as the days got hotter and longer. Summer was hot as hell, humid as well, it was a struggle to breath the soupy air. Alexander scratched at the back of his neck, feeling the sweat drops roll down his back as he continued to pace.

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mclennon shippers were right. “lindsey buckingham” asked george how he wrote the solo in tax man, even though paul wrote it. you know who “lindsey buckingham” is in disguise?

john lennon

so this “lindsey buckingham” wanted to remind george that paul was superior. why?

because mclennon is real