george & harold

  • (George and Harold are listening to a CD, and Mr. Krupp walks past them.)
  • Mr. Krupp: What you listening to, boys?
  • George: We don't think you'd like it.
  • Mr. Krupp: Well, why not? I like this new generation of music.
  • (Mr. Krupp takes George's pair of headphones and listens to the CD. The CD starts with the sound of a phone ringing.)
  • Woman on CD: Hello?
  • (Fart noises then play and Mr. Krupp is shocked by them.)
  • Mr. Krupp: Mother of God! It's all toilet sounds! Where did you record this?
  • Harold: We bought it at the mall. It's the Funny Phone Jerks.
  • Mr. Krupp: Let me tell you, boys, there's nothing funny about these sounds. What that person on your CD has is a medical disorder.

jackie-sugarskull  asked:

I just had an adorable idea for the movie shoot AU! What if at one point Harold gets tired after a long shoot and goes off to take a nap. A while later CU is walking around the set, asking, "Has anyone seen my cape?" And the director is freaking out. "Where's Harold? We need him for the next scene!" And that's when George is like, "Found 'em!" Harold is curled up in the corner sleeping, using the cape as a blanket. CU is immediately like, "Someone get my phone! This is the cutest thing ever!"

”Krupp! Krupp where’s my phone! This is an emergency!”
I love this idea that at any change everyone takes pics of others doing stuff like that.
Ok but they have a snapchat for the movie and its constantly being updated by the Harold, George, Melvin, Krupp, CU, Prof. P, and Edith. The boys post videos of them being silly behind scenes and doing little pranks on people while Krupp does updates on filming and CU does silly selfies with the crew and puts filters and stickers on them! 

thepinkestpug  asked:

Idea for Gem AU: Krupp is a Homeworld Gem who was sent to shatter George and Harold, but he meets Captain--a faulty gem who's the same kind as him (I like Mahogany Obsidian but it's your AU) and the three of them convince Krupp to change his ways and they become earth defenders together. Of course, Cap and Krupp fuse to make one giant gem! (Like the two topazes in SU)


slycooperandcarlosfox  asked:

Zoopledoop AU where Sly and Nick were childhood friends ala George and Harold from Captain Underpants.

“Wilde. Cooper. As you know, we welcomed a new member of staff to the cafeteria today. And because this school is such a welcoming environment, I wanted to ensure the student body knew how to properly address him. So would either of you care to explain why the sign I erected, which this morning read ‘Chef Pestof’, now says ‘eff the CoPs’?!?!?!”

anonymous asked:

I feel like movie actor au!Melvin is actually really bubbly and gets along with George and Harold

I think he’s actually the one that comes up with a lot of the jokes that are in the movie and he just says shit backstage and the producers are all “PUT THAT IN NOW!!”