Imagine: George making a bet with Fred that you won’t go on a date with him, but you say yes. [x]

George: Who are you staring at?
Fred: Ur- No one…
George: Y/N? You’re staring at Y/N:
Fred: I wasn’t.
George: *sarcastically* Yeah… That’s likely.
Fred: I wasn’t!
George: I hate to say it Fred, I really do, but she’s out of your league Fred. You barely talk to her… I bet she wouldn’t even agree to go out on a date with you.
Fred: *offended* Really?
George: Yea-
Fred: We’ll see about that! *gets up and walks over to you*
Y/N: Oh, hi Fred! How have you been? *smiles*
Fred: Fine-Good-Great, even. *pauses* I need to ask you something.
Y/N: Okay… ?
Fred: Would you like to go to Hogsmede this weekend? With me? On a date?
Y/N: A date? 
Fred: Yeah…
Y/N: I’d love to. *smiles*

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before i start writing these new request, i will write a part 2 to Trip Down Memory Lane with George Weasley! xx