Yule Ball Kisses - George Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: I’m combining these because they’re really similar

1.)    Hey, first can I just say that your writing is fantastic and your blog is one of my favourites! But can you do a imagine where your in Slytherin and you and George have a crush on each other (you have for ages) and then somehow they end up together? With lots of fluff! P.S. My names Caitlin 🏼️ Thanks love 😘

2.)    Hi, could you please write an imagine about a Slytherin who is best friends with George. She wants to go to the yule ball with him but he asked someone else. During Yule Ball she gets jealous, confesses her feelings and it gets really cute? Thanks :)


So this is like a mix of fluff and a tiny bit sad because I couldn’t pick!


The Yule Ball was like prom to muggle students. Most people went, and those who didn’t secretly wished they did. Boys asked anxious girls, whom had already had their dress picked out weeks prior, kept their eyes and attention locked on one boy in particular holding their breath every time he walked  by hoping he’d ask them to the festive dance, and had a hair appointment scheduled for the dance. This was all true for the girls at Hogwarts… except maybe the hair appointments. A lot of the girls just had their friends do their hair, or worked up some magic. This all being true for a particular Slytherin girl that had her heart dead set on a particular Gryffindor pranking king.

Caitlin, a sixth year Slytherin, had grown close to the Weasley Twins over the course of their years together at Hogwarts. Of course their first encounter hadn’t run over too smooth, the trio quickly patched things up and moved on as friends. Caitlin had accidently turned into the victim of one of the twins pranks gone wrong as she found herself with maroon and gold hair for the week, just as the big Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin was approaching. To sum it up, her housemates weren’t too pleased to be cheering alongside her, decked out in the opposite colors.

After the color had washed out, a very pissed and full of revenge Caitlin set out a plan to put the boys in their place. In short terms she had somehow managed, with the help of an older more experienced Slytherin friend of hers, to gender swap the boy and change them into girls for the week. Sadly, it earned her and her house friend an after hours school detention but in the long run it was totally worth it.

 Having admired her work, Fred and George approached Caitlin and offered her a spot, helping them carry out and plan new pranking ideas. She accepted and soon became inseparable with the Weasley twins following them everywhere they went. In the process, she grew quite a strong relationship with a certain red head twin,

In an odd way, Caitlin seemed to connect a little more with George Weasley than Fred. Fred and her were still amazingly close, but it was different when things came to George. Often times, she’d find him escorting her to and from class, waiting on her while she took trips to the bathroom, inviting her to their house over break, and constantly writing letters to her over their summer breaks and every other one she doesn’t spend with them. If she was to be fully honest with herself, Caitlin would have to admit she found herself falling for the mischievous twin. Sadly, it became clear to her George didn’t feel the same based on the obvious fact she wasn’t the one he asked to accompany him to the Yule Ball.

Alicia Spinnet. A literally flawless Gryffindor student. Long luscious raven black hair, and eyes as dark and enchanting as the night sky. She had a slim figure and a happy always smiling face. Alicia was a saint to everyone she talked to, never judged at first sight, giving each individual a fair and equal chance. Why wouldn’t George ask her to the dance? He’d be stupid not to! Though this didn’t ease Caitlin’s pain, as it set in in the pit of her stomach that her dear crush chose Alicia over her.

For the rest of the week, Caitlin tried her absolute best to keep her distance from both of the twins, and when she did find herself around them, she put on the happiest face acting like everything was perfect fine when in reality nothing was. George being too caught up in his date, Caitlin’s odd behavior went unnoticed by him but not by Fred. Fred confronted Caitlin on this but she brushed him off, playing it like nothing was wrong, leaving Fred defeated.

Caitlin entered the Great Hall arms interlocked with her date, John Lunterman, a fellow Slytherin that had a crush on her since their second year. Caitlin didn’t exactly feel the same way towards him, but to her a date was better than none when George was coming with someone that wasn’t her.

“Y’know, love, we should really go dance.” John stated rising from his spot at the lace lined table top. Reaching out his hand and intertwining it with Caitlin’s, she gave him leeway of guiding her through the mob of dancing students despite her heart not wanting to dance at the moment. Truthfully, she’d much rather be bathing in the chocolate fountain having a pity party alone.  

John positioned the pair in the dead center of the ballroom, leaving Caitlin to groan mentally. She wasn’t one for being the center of attention, and certainly not tonight when she wasn’t even at the dance with the guy of her dreams.

There was just something so distinctively different about George that set him apart from everyone else, even his identical brother. He didn’t care that Caitlin was a Slytherin, unlike all of his friends who were hesitant to meet her and cringed when they heard the twins had become friends with her. Caitlin was nowhere near a bad person, it was more so her house title that scared away the Weasley twins’ friends.

 There was a natural rivalry between Gryffindor and Slytherin… the “good and the bad”… the “brave and the cowardly”… “light and dark”. It was written in the stars to Caitlin, her and George were simply not meant to be. Little did Caitlin know George was dreading the dance. Alicia wasn’t the girl he had been planning to ask, originally he was gonna ask Caitlin the girl he’d fancy for years, but it struck him that Caitlin could possibly not feel the same way. So instead of risking all their years of friendship, George took the safe route taking his okay friend Alicia Spinnet instead knowing the night wouldn’t be as perfect as he had hoped for with Caitlin under his arm.

From under her long, mascara soaked eyelashes, Caitlin caught glimpse of a glowing George Weasley whisking away the utterly beautiful Alicia, whose body hugged a red strapless dress better than most girls could. Her face was bright and buoyant, a smile radiating the rest of her features. Fred was to his brother’s right glazing around the room effortlessly with Angelina. The pair seemed evenly in sync dancing the night away.

Caitlin tore her gaze away letting her eyes rest on the door way behind John’s head wondering if she could make a clean break away.

John’s touchy hand snapped Caitlin back to reality as it creeped down her backside inching dangerously to her bum. He bobbed his head down, mouth resting on the shell of her pink tinted ear, whispering softly,

“You look hot tonight. You dress really shows off your sexy curves. I was thinking, maybe later we could sneak off down by the lake and y’know…” He smirked, his massive ego shining through and practically visible. Caitlin stepped back completely flabbergasted and offended. Did he just say what she thinks he did?

“Excuse me?” She spat venomously. John shrugged, that stupid cocky smirk still displayed on his arrogant face.

“I think you heard me, babygirl.” He pressed his body tight against her chest, making Caitlin take an abrupt step backwards, pushing him off of her and catching the eyes of those around the in the process, one of those eyes being George Weasley.

“Don’t touch me you ass! God, what do you think I am? I have more respect for myself then to allow myself do something like that with an arrogant shit like yourself!” She shouted pivoting on her heel as exiting the Great Hall in a matter of 10 seconds. John scoffed sauntering off the dance floor and over to his group of friends, becoming embarrassed with all the attention now on him.

Tears brimmed Caitlin’s eyes which were wiped away the exact moment they fell. There was no way she was letting him have the satisfaction and affect to make her cry. Annoyed beyond her limits and confused, Caitlin perched herself on the open brick window sill, sighing as the cold air slapped her half bare back. She didn’t get the comment he made about her “curves”. For the most part, she didn’t have any and if she did the dress certainly showed them off to the extent of not at all.

Her mother had sent the dress to her from Caitlin’s home town when she received new about the ball. Caitlin’s mother wanted nothing but the best for her being the reason behind the fairly expensive dress.

The gown itself was drop dead gorgeous. Overall the color scheme was champagne pink and feel gracefully to the floor pooling slightly around her ankles. The dresses bottom half had a slight puff to it but for the most part was flowy and was sprinkled alluringly with golden sparkles, along with the barley distinctive belt and caved top. The top half was strapless and the material covered her breast in a shell like fashion, making her the apple of the eye to most everyone at the Yule Ball, not that she noticed at all. Her hair spread in spiraled staircase like curls running down her shoulders and back.

The night was supposed to be perfect for her, but in Caitlin’s point of view, it never could’ve been without George by her side.

Meanwhile, back in the makeshift ballroom, George had set out to find Caitlin and abandoned his date on the dance floor. Yes, he did find Alicia to be attractive, but she didn’t even come close when in comparison to Caitlin. He liked Alicia to an extent but she could never quite understand him the way Caitlin did.

 She hated pranks, found Quidditch boring, disliked big get family get-together’s (which would obviously come as a problem with the Weasley crew), didn’t like steeping too far out of her comfort zone and had a hard time getting loose. All of which Caitlin did perfectly in George’s eyes. In fact, Caitlin was perfect in George’s eyes. He just didn’t know how to tell her, and if it was right for him to. They had one of the best friendships ever, so why ruin it? But George didn’t want to settle for just a friendship when he was head over heels in love with Caitlin.

Searching corridors left and right, George sighed in defeat wondering if he should give up and talk to her when morning came around. Though, he frowned upon the idea, knowing he might chicken out with waiting that long.

A whimper echoed like a pebble falling down a well. George took off in the direction the noise came from and found himself facing the back of a weeping girl.

“Caitlin…?” The room stood still. The girl’s breath hitched as a new presence entered the room. Oh no, she thought, I’m nowhere near in the mood to hold a stable conversation. Peeking over her bare shoulder, Caitlin’s eyes multiplied as they landed on that of George Weasley.

“Darling, are you alright? I saw yours and John’s little exchange. What happen?” Caitlin huffed rubbing her delicate hand over her face wiping away all her tears. George leaned his hand over, skimming his thumb along her cheek to catch a stray tear. Caitlin smiled lightly, wiggling over and allowing George access to squeeze into the open space beside her.

“Nothing… he’s just a prick. I don’t know why I came tonight. I have no interest in him so why waste the time dressing up only to be disappointed and feel like, and look like crap afterwards. He’s such a jerk too! Why did I think this was a good idea, Georgie!” She complained leaning her head onto George’s shoulder as he rubbed her back soothingly. His heart was beating so fast he was almost positive she could hear it. Caitlin snuggled her face into the crook of George’s neck as he held her in a calm silence until he decided to break it needing to get the words out from his mouth.

“I think you look lovely tonight. Actually, I think you were the most beautiful girl in that ballroom tonight. Fred agreed with me when I told him that. Far more elegant than my date who had been making rude remarks all night about my horrible dancing skills. As for John, I’ve never liked him and to be honest with you I wasn’t too pleased when Hermione and Ginny told me he had asked you and you said yes. 

He’s not a good person and he doesn’t treat you right. Caitlin, you deserve to be treated like a princess… and not just tonight, every single day of your life. You’re not some prize that he has bragging rights over and I swear on Merlin’s beard if I hear him say one remark about you during class I won’t hesitate to put the bloke in his place. You deserve so much better than a shit like him. You deserve someone that won’t take you for granted and will cherish every waking moment with you. You deserve to be happy and feel loved. I think I know just the person that can make you feel that way…” George spoke as light as a feather like he was afraid of something. Caitlin leaned back, un-attaching her head from his shoulder and glanced up at him with a questioning look.

“Who?” She asked, hope leaking through the cracks in her words. George grinned happily leaning forward and taking her face in-between in his hands. Caitlin froze like ice as his face approached hers, while her eyes fell shut finding his warm glossy lips placed lovingly against her own cold ones. A wave of electricity entered her veins feeling his lips reposition locking with her own. George felt like the king of the world reaching down to hold Caitlin’s hand in his. She pulled back not long later leaning her forehead up against his smiling like a fool. George mirrored her actions, chuckling out loud.

“Me… I could be that guy.” Alicia wasn’t a relative thought in his mind. It was like he had never met her… she was only used as a numbing medication to get over the thought of Caitlin but now that George knew she felt the same way for him that he did for her, there was no use as using Alicia as a cover up anymore.

“Yeah, I really think you could.” Caitlin blushed feeling George’s lips press to her crimson cheek.

I guess the night didn’t turn out too bad for George and Caitlin.

-Daizy xx


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It was utterly chaotic. Ron was busy devouring the mountains of candy that was laid upon the dinning table, Fred and George were running around scaring people and doing god knows what-else, Ginny was laughing but also stressed out trying to get Ron to slow down, Percy was chasing students around telling them to either stop making out or for girls to stop hiking up their “halloween costumes” mini skirts. I couldn’t decide who was the most entertaining Weasley to watch. I happily observed the chaos around me erupt as I stuffed candy corn in my mouth.