Not All Messes Are Bad - George Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: Can you do a George imagine where he thinks that the reader ( a Ravenclaw) thinks he’s dumb and he tries to impress her every chance he gets? Thanks! Love your blog!


Monday rolled around without warning making a sinking feeling settle in the stomach of George Weasley. This meant he would have to partner up with Y/n Y/l/n whom he had fancied since their first year at Hogwarts. Most people would thank Merlin for making their crush their partner for class but George was not one of these people. 

See, Y/n was a perfect in her Ravenclaw house and had never gotten a grade lower than ‘Outstanding’ for each of her classes as where George was lucky if he could manage to score a ‘Acceptable’. Molly was used to seeing more ‘Poor’ grades on the twins’ papers than any of the other kids. Now, on most cases the Weasley twins’ did manage to exceed the normal expectations, but when George found himself in the same Potions class as the beautiful Ravenclaw student, he knew things were bound to happen. And not necessarily good things.

As the bell rung, Snape instructed the class on their task for the day and not long later the room was buzzing as partners worked together in attempt to finish first.

Y/n skipped over to George with her books tucked under her arm smiling over to her partner. A glossy blush crept on her cheeks as she mumbled a shy ‘hello’ to him. George chuckled softly and gave her a small wave, himself feeling a bashfulness wash over him.

“Hey George… how was, uh, your weekend? I saw the Quidditch game Friday night. You looked amazing out there!” George scratched the back of his neck becoming flustered. Gryffindor had lost their match that weekend to Slytherin. To keep it short, George Weasley did not have the best game of his life. He was distracted the whole entire game by a cute little h/c Ravenclaw girl that was sitting directly next to him.

George assumed Y/n would be found in the library Friday night, but was highly surprised to see her bundled up and sitting in the stands with a good number of her friends cheering the red headed Weasley kids on. In hopes of impressing the bright student, George only ended up embarrassing himself endlessly.

“Oh… thanks. I didn’t do too outstanding Friday night. My head wasn’t exactly in the game. Sorry you had to see that horrid loss.” Hanging his head down slightly, George reached over for the red liquid vile and poured half of it into the empty beaker as Y/n instructed him softly.

“No no, I thought you look spot on! You had a really nice um… block… body check? I’m not really sure what you call them, but it was great!” George shook his head smiling lightly. Snape gave the class booming instructions on the exact potions to mix together and scribbled the recipe on the chalk board. George swiveled around in his chair, craning his neck to read the board.

Everyone in the class knew how smart Y/n was, but she didn’t mind. She was perfectly fine with doing the whole Potions class project by herself, not that George would ever allow it. In a way, George feared that Y/n viewed him as ‘dumb’ or ‘stupid’ for his lack in knowledge on the given topics. Never in a thousand years would this ever turn out to be true, but George couldn’t help to wonder what went on in Y/n’s mind.

Y/n set her school supplies aside and pulled the beaker in between the two so they could evenly work on the lab. Reaching across the table, she plucked the green vile from the rack and looked over to George,

“Okay so I believe next we’ll need about three fourths of-“

“The green roots, and then after that we’ll need a full vile of the yellow and then only one fourth of the purple and a dash of the blue,” He commented grinning over to his stunned partner and taking the vile from her hands and pooping the top off. “Don’t want you breaking a pretty little nail trying to get the cap off. These things are sealed pretty tightly.” George joked with a new punch of confidence and nudged her lightly. Y/n giggled and rolled her eye,

“Of course, you’re right! My bare nails and I would look so ugly with a chip in them!” Laughing loudly, Y/n switched the bunsen burner on with a flick of her wand. George shook his head quickly leaning against the table and looking her dead in the eye.

“You could never look ugly…” A loud clank sounded through the room as Y/n lost her grip on the half empty container that had before held purple liquid in it. Letting his works sink in, Y/n jumped in surprise and crouched down picking up the (luckily) unbroken beaker and placing it back on the table top, brushing a hand through her hair in attempt to calm herself down. A pair of black shoes presented themselves before George bent down next to Y/n helping her clean up the remaining liquid from the floor. He glanced up apologetically,

“I’m sorry, Y/n. I didn’t mean to startle you… even though it was the truth.” He mumbled the last part, standing back on his feet and reached out a helping hand to Y/n, lifting her back up. When he got her to her feet, George brushed a stray strand of h/c hair from her eyes. Y/n blushed faintly and gave him a small smile diverting her eyes to the ground.

“Miss. Y/l/n and Mr. Weasley I would gladly appreciate it if the two of you could get back to work.” Snape snapped in a robotic like voice causing George to jump a foot away from Y/n. The two were quick to get back as Professor Snape passed by their lab table. When he became out of ear shot, George turned to Y/n and smirked popping off the last blue vile needed to finished the project.

“Looks like we’re in the lead! What do you say, Y/n? If we finish first… would you agree to going on a date with me?” George offered with a pinch of cockiness, not that Y/n wasn’t into it. Her heart leaped at the idea of going on a date with George. Though as she caught sight of his hand inching towards the practically finished lab beaker, her heart did something other than ‘leap’.

“No, Georgie! Don’t mix that much! If you do it’s gonna-“ A slight ‘pop’ for a warning sounded before a vivid sky blue wave took over George Weasley and his lab partner Y/n’s, table. Y/n coughed and ducked down in attempt to dodge the blue chunks from their experiment to come in contact with her. Half of the experiment landed on George while the other half splattered all over Y/n making me squeal from shock.

“We only needed a pinch of that, didn’t we?” George wheezed out while Snape approached their table with an annoyed frown.

“I expected more from a perfect Ravenclaw student, Miss. Y/l/n. I’m extremely disappointed… although I can’t say I didn’t expect this from you, Weasley.” He looked down on the lab partners as if they were scum on his shoes and walked off. The rest of the class broke the silence with a wave of laughter, turning George’s cheeks red despite the blue covering him from head to toe. Y/n sat stunned on the floor completely speechless. George groaned knowing he had lost his chance with her but an unexpected noise cut his thoughts short. Y/n was laughing. Actually laughing… no she wasn’t yelling at George for, in the long run, giving Y/n her first poor marking in the grade book. Not at all! She seemed happy and slightly carefree.

“T-that was hil-hilarious! Oh my goodness George did you… did you see his face!” Y/n giggled and covered her face trying to wipe the blue slim off. George walked over to her and smiled, helping to wipe the gross slim from her face.

“Damn, I screwed that one up. I’m really sorry, Y/n. I just wanted to show you that I could finish the lab first.” Y/n shook her head with a smile still tattooed on her lips.

“Don’t worry about it. That was actually kind of fun. We should do it again sometime! I mean maybe not blow up a whole class project but, uh, well um you know… hang out. So I suppose this is a yes to that offer on the date.” George could feel his insides swelling up as he became lost for words. He nodded vigorously and Y/n smiled once again leaning forward and placing a cute little peck on his rosy cheek. I guess not all messes are such a bad thing.  

-Daizy xxx

True To You | Chapter 5

Pairing: Ringo/George

Rating: PG-13 (for this chapter)

Set in: modern day (sort of) (au)

Summary: George works as a stripper in a club. Ringo goes in one day and falls in love with him.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Beatles, nor do I claim to. This is all fictional and I do not make money with this. For more information on this fic, go here.

Author’s note: Again, I’m sorry for the delay. You are amazing for not minding too much and I hope you’ll like this chapter. The next one will be on time again, I’m sure. 

Ringo shivered as he stepped outside and into the cold night. Whereas the club had been warm and oddly soothing to his nerves, the sharp cold reminded him once again of the stress and exhaustion his body was going through. He had wanted to go home after the meeting with Mr Epstein, but he had wanted to see that stripper again, George. It had been worth it. He had made him forget about everything that was going on in his life, and he had really needed that after so long. But now he had to report back to Pete. He pulled his coat a little better around himself and made sure it was closed properly, before sticking his hands in his pockets and walking towards his car, which he had parked a few hundred meters further down the street.

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George is 10, loves to read and has a best friend named Kelly. Everyone thinks George is a boy, but she doesn’t feel like one.

The transgender fourth-grader is the heroine of Alex Gino’s new book for readers in grades three to seven. To sell this particular story to a mass market, the book’s publisher, Scholastic, employed a similar strategy to the one it used with The Hunger Games: It sent the book out to thousands of teachers and children’s librarians, and took Gino around to major book fairs. The reaction?

“All of the booksellers had a story to tell Alex about a trans kid that they knew, a trans kid in their family, a trans adult who worked in their store,” Scholastic’s David Levithan recalls. “And it wasn’t just the coasts, and it wasn’t just sort of the liberal hotbeds. It was really booksellers from every state saying, ‘Oh goodness. We need this book and I know exactly who I’m going to give it to.’”

'George’ Wants You To Know: She’s Really Melissa


These are some old Paperman Project color keys! or lack thereof for the most part

(Also watermarks are ugly, I know, but we do what we gotta do.)

A few of you may know who have come to my livestreams that we’ve been working on this for almost 3 years now. A bunch of these ones here are done at least over 2 years ago now haha… (although I’ve updated that last one there a bit more recently)
Figured I’d start off with just getting out what we’d started with artwise and update from there.

These are just a glimpse of the full length movie we’ve had in the works and we’re so excited to finally be sharing with you guys!

Paperman © Disney
Paperman Project © Bianca Paz & Nicole Moad

481. On the first Christmas after the Battle of Hogwarts, Ron heard low talking coming from George’s room. Knowing that he and George were alone in the house, Ron cracked open the door and peered inside. He saw George looking into his mirror, talking to himself. Thinking that his brother had finally lost it, he opened the door wider to confront him. George, startled at the sudden noise, turned around. It was then that Ron realized that George was wearing a knitted jumper with an ‘F’ on the front. “I couldn’t do Christmas without seeing him again,” George admitted, noting Ron’s quizzical expression.

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