georg nees

Harry Potter imagine

[一] Imagine meeting the Weasley family for the first time.

Weasley Family:

Ron met you at a tender age of 4 when your family decided to visit his. Your parents had met his father at the Ministry of Magic where they work at. Your parents are widely known aurors [not as known as Mad Eye]. You would most probably have met the older brothers first, seeing as how Ron loves to sleep, even as a child.

Charlie and Bill were at Hogwarts [a/n, highly inaccurate seeing as idk how old they are c’:] according to Molly and Arthur. Percy was the first to meet you, giving you a little pat and a hug when you asked before going about to his business. Fred and George, 2 years older than you, bounded up to you, smothering you in hugs and repeating how cute you are and asking your parents if they can kidnap you [to which their parents scolded them and yours laughing the idea off].

Young Ginerva, Ginny as she wanted to be called at the age of 3 shyly pulled you into hug and asking if she could follow you around. Ron would be the last to be acquainted. 4-years-old Ron would stumble into the kitchen at 9am, hoping to grab breakfast and spotting your family at the table along with his. He sees your parents sitting beside his and you were seated beside your parents. Ginny was beside you and chatting on about something as you both ate your breakfast.

Fred and George were located opposite of you and Ginny, eating their own food as they listened in on your conversation with Ginny, occasionally making remarks. Percy was reading a textbook and eating his breakfast. Ron would then politely greet your family and move to grab breakfast for himself. He would introduce himself later.

A/n: This was not my original idea xD I wanted to do the Golden Trio but in the end I felt that I was writing it a bit too long for Ron’s so I changed it to the Weasley Family haha


Hollywood Undead Return With ‘War Child’

Hollywood Undead’s Johnny 3 Tears sees “the more serious side” as his particular lane in the group. But he acknowledges the rap-rock sextet cannot live by angst alone.

Enter “War Child,” the latest song Hollywood Undead is dropping before the March 31 release of its fourth studio album, Day of the Dead. “It’s a party track,” Johnny 3 Tears (nee George Ragan) tells Billboard. “I really like writing on the deeper aspects of music and touching down on emotional I have, but at the same time we always put songs on the record we want people to have a good time to. That’s one of the reasons I still love this band and I’m intrigued by this band; there’s always something to listen to no matter what kind of mood I’m in or what I’m looking for. So ['War Child’] is just a fun, party track, something to have a good time to. It’s us drinking and doing drugs and that kind of thing. There’s no real deep meaning behind it, just, 'Let’s write something fun and make the music as upbeat as possible, something people can put on during the summer and fuck around to.’ There’s no hidden agenda behind it. It just is what it is.”


Georg Nees, Sculpture 1 | Plastik 1, 1965-68. Germany.

Georg Nees created some of the first computer graphics in the early 1960s and is considered one of the pioneers of Computer Art. Nees studied mathematics and physics and received his PhD 1969 on the subject of Generative Computer Graphics under Max Bense, the German philosopher and writer.

Nees went on to work for Siemens as a software engineer, and was instrumental in their purchasing a ‘Zuse Graphomat’, a drawing machine operated by computer-generated punched tape. This machine was capable of creating geometric patterns and, although the programming language that Nees used (ALGOL) was designed specifically for scientific computers, Nees used it to create purely aesthetic images such as this one. Nees designed the program to include a random number generator which decided the sequence of the connecting squares in this image.