georg nees

Georg Nees, Sculpture 1 | Plastik 1, 1965-68. Germany.

Georg Nees created some of the first computer graphics in the early 1960s and is considered one of the pioneers of Computer Art. Nees studied mathematics and physics and received his PhD 1969 on the subject of Generative Computer Graphics under Max Bense, the German philosopher and writer.

Nees went on to work for Siemens as a software engineer, and was instrumental in their purchasing a ‘Zuse Graphomat’, a drawing machine operated by computer-generated punched tape. This machine was capable of creating geometric patterns and, although the programming language that Nees used (ALGOL) was designed specifically for scientific computers, Nees used it to create purely aesthetic images such as this one. Nees designed the program to include a random number generator which decided the sequence of the connecting squares in this image.