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Walter Crane     Memorial to the Haymarket Martyrs, London     1894

Crane’s poster is a memorial to the 4 anarchists who were judicially murdered after the Haymarket Demonstration for the 8 hour work day were violently assaulted by the police, and several cops were killed BY POLICE FIRE.  Those executed were August Spies, Albert Parsons, George Engel and Adolph Fischer.  Samuel Fielden, Michael Schwab and Oscar Neebe each served extended prison terms.  Louis Lingg apparently committed suicide while i jail (blowing his head up with a dynamite cap?!?!) or was murdered while behind bars.  

For those of you that don’t know, Net Neutrality is under attack again. So here’s a list of the names of the leading people in the companies that are attacking it. [2/?]

Please note that if anything is wrong with this list as of time of posting (7/12/2017), all of these names were pulled directly from the representative sites themselves. If they are wrong, it is because the companies/organizations themselves have posted them incorrectly.


Lowell C. McAdam
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Martin Burvill
Senior Vice President and Group President Verizon Business Markets

Eric Cevis
President - Verizon Partner Solutions

Roy H. Chestnutt
Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Kenneth Dixon
Senior Vice President & Group President - Consumer Sales & Service (PFFFFFFTHAHAHAHAHAHAHACUSTOMERSERVICEMYASS)

Ronan Dunne
Executive Vice President and Group President of Verizon Wireless

Matthew D. Ellis
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Tami Erwin
Executive Vice President - Wireless Operations

George Fischer
Senior Vice President and Group President – Verizon Enterprise Solutions

James J. Gerace
Chief Communications Officer

Roger Gurnani
Executive Vice President and Chief Information and Technology Architect

Marc C. Reed
Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

Diego Scotti
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Craig Silliman
Executive Vice President – Public Policy and General Counsel

David Small
Executive Vice President - Wireline Network Operations

John G. Stratton
Executive Vice President and President of Customer and Product Operations

Hans Vestberg
Executive Vice President and President of Network and Technology

Marni M. Walden
Executive Vice President and President-Global Media

Red November, black November,
Bleak November, black and red.
Hallowed month of labor’s martyrs,
Labor’s heroes, labor’s dead.

Labor’s wrath and hope and sorrow,
Red the promise, black the threat,
Who are we not to remember?
Who are we to dare forget?

Black and red the colors blended,
Black and red the pledge we made,
Red until the fight is ended,
Black until the debt is paid.

— By Ralph Chaplin
author of Solidarity Forever

Nov. 5, 1916, over 200 Industrial Workers of the World members were headed to the docks of Everett, Washington, on the ship Vernoa to participate in a Free Speech Fight in support of the rights of union members to speak on the street corners. While they attempted to dock, a group of over 500 deputy sheriffs opened fire on the peaceful unarmed crowd, killing 11 and wounding 27. This is known as the Everett Massacre.

Nov. 11, 1887, four of the anarchist leaders of the Chicago eight-hour movement were executed because they advocated ideas of workplace justice. Albert Parsons, August Spies, George Engle, and Adolph Fischer are now forever known as the Haymarket Martyrs. In June of 1893 Illinois Governor John Peter Atgeld issued posthumous pardons to these men, proclaiming them victims of a biased judge and a packed jury.

Nov. 11, 1919, a group of Legionaries marching to celebrate Armistice Day attacked an IWW union hall in Centralia, Washington. The IWW members fought back, killing four of their attackers before being captured and taken to jail. That night Wesley Everest was taken from his cell. He was castrated, then taken to a bridge and hung. While hanging over a river he was shot full of holes. Then his body was taken back to the jail and laid out in view of the other prisoners for several days. This is known as the Centralia Massacre.

Nov. 13, 1974, union activist Karen Silkwood was killed when her car was mysteriously run off the road. There was enough evidence to suggest foul play.

Nov. 19, 1916, IWW organizer, songwriter, and troubadour Joe Hill was executed by the State of Utah after being convicted of murder on flimsy circumstantial evidence. A worldwide movement to free Joe Hill included the Swedish Government and a plea from President Wilson for a “thorough reconsideration of the case,” to no avail.

Nov. 22, 1886, in Thibodaux, Louisiana, by some accounts between 30 to 100 striking black sugar workers were massacred. A newspaper of that time recorded, “Lame men and blind women shot. Children and hoary-headed grandsires ruthlessly swept down! The Negros offered no resistance, they could not as the killing was unexpected…”

Nov. 29, 1919, in the town of Bogalusa, Louisiana, once stood the world largest lumber mill, owned by the Goodyear Corporation. The United Brotherhood of Carpenters attempted to organize the mill, with wide support from the mill hands. After a lengthy campaign of intimidation, terror, and beatings the company goons attacked the union hall, killing four Brotherhood organizers. Lem Williams, Stanley O’Rourke, J.P.Bouchillon, and Thomas Gains were cold-bloodedly gunned down as they sat in the office of the Bogalusa’s Central Trades and Labor Council.


David Bowie
Alan Rickman
Muhammad Ali
Anton Yelchin
Gene Wilder
Harper Lee
George Michael
Florence Henderson
Doris Roberts
Alan Thicke
Frank Sinatra Jr
Christina Grimmie
George Martin
Carrie Fischer
And many others

Donald Fucking Trump

Today in labor history, November 11, 1887:  Albert Parsons, August Spies, George Engel, and Adolph Fischer, framed for the Haymarket bombing in Chicago, are executed. Spies’ last words – “The day will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you are throttling today” – are engraved on the Haymarket Martyrs’ Monument in Chicago’s Forest Home Cemetery.