geordi x data

Texting Data
  • Data: Hello Geordi. How are you today? :|
  • Geordi: I'm good. What's the straight face for, D?
  • Data: Are emoticons not supposed to reflect the expression on one's face at the moment of sending?
  • Geordi: No...not really. It's more about the feelings behind the text.
  • Data: But Geordi, I am an android, and cannot feel.
  • Geordi: Alright, then the feelings you would hypothetically have behind the text.
  • Data: I believe I understand...
  • Data: Hello Geordi. How are you today? :)
  • Geordi: What's the smiley for?
  • Data: If I had the capability of perceiving emotions, I hypothesize that greeting you would generate happiness. :)
  • Geordi: Shucks, Data... :)

Cuddling The Next Generation crew would involve:

Jean-Luc Picard: romantic setting with candles and cheesy music while looking out the window at the stars. He is definitely the type to want to set the mood before huge displays of affection like that. And while cuddling, it’s more likely he’ll be silent and listen to you talk than talking himself. But he’s a lot more laid-back; easy to make smile and even laugh. It’s just a really calming time for Picard, and he doesn’t get many of those

William Riker: he’ll either set the mood or it’s spontaneous cuddling whenever one of you feels like it (but it’s more often than not spontaneous). Full-on wraps his arms around you and just holds you like that, head on his chest and enjoying the copious amount of heat coming off of Riker. He’ll ask about your day and talk about his. Tell you something funny that happened and you both would just laugh and enjoy each others company

Data: tries to initiate cuddling. Is kinda bad at it. He just kinda puts his arm over your shoulders and pulls you close but its a bit awkward and stilted. So you’re probably the one who starts the cuddle sessions; mostly in bed, where you could just lay on him and such. Data may try to make small talk, but that doesn’t go well, either. So you both just kinda lie there in silence until you fall asleep in Data’s arms. And of course, Spot gets a little jealous and will sit on somebody.

Geordi La Forge: is probably King of Cuddling aboard the Starship Enterprise. idk it’s just really easy for him to initiate cuddles, and it’ll happen spontaneously (but mostly after a hard day). His hands just kinda play with your fingers or your hair while he talks. His body fits against yours naturally. And when he laughs, you can hear it booming in his chest. Geordi is great for cuddles.

Worf: Klingons do not cuddle, but I suppose they can be cuddled. Don’t expect him to initiate cuddling; that’ll be your job. Sitting next to him on the couch and just laying your head against his shoulder. Worf is tense every single time, but sooner or later, he’ll relax and get into the motion of cuddling, since you enjoy it so much.

Beverly Crusher: definitely is a secret cuddle-bug. Likes being the small spoon, relaxing against you, and just talking about her day and how Wesley is doing. Cuddling for Crusher is a huge mix of bonding time, venting, relaxation, and a display of affection. Random little kisses to the back of your hands and such. Surprising, coming from her.

Deanna Troi: doesn’t mind cuddling. And by doesn’t mind, I mean she really likes it. Once your calm and content, those feelings just kinda flood into Deanna’s mind and that makes her calm, no matter what she might be stressing out about. Definitely likes to be the cuddlee; the small spoon. Being taken care of while relaxing together. She’s is smol and requires affection.

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“You’re not just another electronic system.”
“Thank you, Geordi. Nor are you just another biological organism.”

Star Trek TNG, 6x08 - A Fistful of Datas.



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Imagine Geordi setting you up on a blind date with Data after he get his emotion chip cause Geordi knows you like Data? 

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“Geordi, I have never been on a date before…”

“And you’ll do great, especially now that you have your emotion chip.” Geordi encouraged, giving his friend a smirk. “They really like you, ya know. I think you’re going to have a good time.”

Data blinked at Geordi before giving a slight nod, allowing the engineer to lead him to Ten Forward. He could tell Data was nervous; which was an odd sight in itself. But Geordi was excited. He knew how much you’ve taken a liking to Data, and if he knew anything about his friend, Data will at least enjoy your company.

Request: You Try to Ask Data Out

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You sat at the poker table with your fellow senior officers, Riker, Worf, Troi, Crusher, LaForge, and… Data. He was the only member of the crew who made you remotely nervous. You were a person driven by emotions, someone who fell back on humour in difficult situations. On the other hand, Data had no emotions, no sense of humour. It didn’t change the way you felt about him.

“Have you had any luck mapping the Beta-Coroneis system, (Y/N)?” Data asked you while shuffling the deck of cards at a lightning fast speed.

“No.” you replied, disappointed that the discussion had turned to work. “There’s subspace interference that’s obscuring certain parts of the system.”

“I may be able to reconfigure sensors in Engineering to match the frequency.” Data suggested.

“That’s a good idea. But, I’d need more Data on the subject. How about tomorrow at 1900 hours?” you offered, seeing the smiles of your fellow officers. You were nothing if you weren’t persistent.

“My duty shift ends at 2000 hours. Perhaps half an hour after.” Data said obliviously, while Riker groaned. You were unfazed.

“It’s a date-a.” you added. Beverly covered her mouth to prevent herself from laughing, while Deanna elbowed Riker.

Data just tilted his head in confusion, looking between you and a broadly grinning Geordi. “I do not understand.”

You slumped back in your seat, frustrated. The others shared your dismay. They had been trying to get the two of you together for as long as they could remember- without much success. 

Data passed you a card, and his hand grazed yours briefly. His eyes met yours, and he saw an expression he couldn’t recognize in your eyes. He returned his attention to the cards, and saw that he had given everyone too many cards.

Strange, he thought. Perhaps I was… distracted?

His eyes returned to you, watching the way your science uniform settled across your shoulders, the way your hands drummed on the table. He looked at your eyes, and saw that they were watery. He didn’t know why. He continued to shuffle the deck, slower this time, wondering why you were upset.