terranova-0  asked:

Reading the tags on your last post makes me happy. A lot of people dont see it that way, but that's how my RP partner and I set up the politics of Hyrule. A huge reason why I enjoy your fics so much as well.

Hyrule is a scary place, right?

The backstory of Breath of the Wild is especially frightening to me in its politics. Why did the Hyrulean monarchy ban all advanced technology?

To me, it seems like the Sheikah Slates and their associated geopositioning signal towers are not in the same category of “being dangerous” as the Divine Beasts (which are powerful enough to create infinitely prolonged natural disasters) and the Shrines (don’t get me started about the ethics of imprisoning actual humans in semi-stasis for hundreds of years in underground murder rooms). Trying to compare these two categories creates a false equivalency, and I suspect that the king who won the first fight against Calamity Ganon forbade the use of all advanced technology in order to maintain political power in the wake of this successful demonstration of just how effective this technology could be.

It feels weird to actually write this, but absolute monarchy is a rubbish form of government.