geophaps plumifera


Spinifex pigeon (Geophaps plumifera)

The Spinifex Pigeon is a bird found in Australia. Generally they live in stony areas with low woodlands and spinifex grasses. They are nomadic and terrestrial. The pigeons are seed eaters and are dependent on waterholes recharged by wet season monsoonal rains and showers. As the dry season progresses, they concentrate around the ever-decreasing water sources. They are often found in pairs or groups.

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Spinifex Pigeon (Geophaps plumifera)

…a species of pigeon native to Australia. Spinifex Pigeons generally inhabit stony areas with spinifex grasses. They are nomadic and mainly terrestrial. Spinifex pigeons are seed eaters and will feed on seeds, grasses and small invertebrates. They are dependent on water and concentrate their range around the availability of water

Like the unrelated Crested Pigeon (O.lophotes) this species is one of the two species of Australian pigeons to possess a crest. They have three subspecies which are distinct in range and appearance. 



Images: Wim Hoek and Harley Kingston