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These geometric origami shapes are one of my absolute favorite crafts. When I know I’ll be stuck in the car for a while, I bring along strips of paper to fold and it really makes the time fly. If you use recycled paper and a painted tree branch, this project is totally free. Once you have several folded, string them up for a wall hanging or mobile. Get creative! What else could you do with these fun, simple shapes?

I’m wearing: Carhartt Gallatin Coat, Viola Sweater, Calumet Long-Sleeve V-Neck, & Picket Ear Flap Hat.

Science of life

EVERYTHING around us, within us, that creates us is made up of quantum fluctuating left spin particles that form together along matrices of frequency and vibration. Thus collapsing all wave functions and taking on more magnetic information, manifesting light as we know it. This forms atoms, molecules, then physical reality as we know it. (And when this atom interacts with a reflection you can say that this atom is spinning, and the spinning one particle reflects within itself creating implosion and creating all other particles and then we get what we call fusion or a sun and a star when everything collapses because of gravity ( so consciousness is gravity and gravity is infinite love) This is implosive compression, or “gravity” as we call it. Gravity geomtrically collapses upon itself while simultaneously expanding, these vibrational differentials are what manifest the densities and layers of the universe as a whole. ( it’s the driving force to the universal whole, as we may call fractality) “Dimensions” are simply geometric lattice forms of the crystal universe that are vibrationally out of phase with each other. So all exist as one and creation is simply wave mechanics embedding itself unto itself creating phase relationships that we consciously perceive as density differences. 
With this creation of “matter” which is implosion (Ma'at UR)  we get a plethora of different elements which are all created from hydrogen but are simply vibrationally out of phase with each other, which then react based on the amount of pressure gradients in their valence shells. (matter at the molecular level is really just hydrogen, and then hydrogen collapses it electron field it’s valence shell patterning the outer field at which it occurs because has protons neutrons and one electron in the outside and it’s the most abundant element in the universe)
Electrons are actually wave from particles that collapse along frequencies lines of force that are of a vibrational alignment. Creating the ‘’particle’’ which is only 1/100,000k of the actual signature frequency. 
Atoms (Atum/ATUN= light) are manifested out of wave forms that coalesce into left spin particles of light which are negentropy in nature when these particles take on more light information they bond based on valence frequency resonance becoming right spin particles of entropy flow which forms molecules thus elements.
Our vessels are powered by electricity which is simply the vibrational alignment of dieletric lines of force collapsing and sharing information instantaneously. the electricity that our cells are communicating with the field that they emit and emanate into the universe as we know as our aura is information and when the prism of light that is the sun and our inner light comes through this aura it creates what we call spectrums. The prism of the pineal gland reflects and breaks that information up into what we can precieve as colors and matter. Your breath is the portal to consciousness!!! By using certain breathing techniques (Bellow breath) relaxing your brain and harmonizing your left and right hemispheres, creating a phase relationship that is conjugated directly to the pineal gland. Allowing the eletrical charge potential of the brain to expoentially increase. Thus generating a plasma field that is cohering the vaccum. This ionzies the air around your body (which is also being charged by the morning sunlight), shedding the particles of their right spin valence shells. Thus extracting the monoatomics from the air and pulling them into the crystal temple (body) for further usage. an addition “ this is using the breath to tune the brain so there’s a 180 degree phase angle between left and right brainwaves which means that the brainwaves cancel each other out in the middle of the brain and you create a zero point, which is the flame in the mind or the position where you create a longitudinal wave in the brain”