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I do want to design my own house lol that'd be awesome. Hate me but I do love brutalism. I just love concrete so much! The geomtric elegance and austerity. It wouldn't necessarily need to be some 'soviet brutalism' but like that cool 'tropical box house' in Malasia. I love the concept. Especially cuz I'm from a real tropical country and I know what is to deal with the heat 24/7. I don't mean pure real concrete but the aesthetic.

Many consider concrete a cold material but for some reason I feel like you, concrete is warm and unpolished, an honest material. If you are using it in a tropical climate make sure to provide opportunities for cross breezes and limit the exposed surface area of concrete on the walls that would receive the sun directly most of the day.

Here are some incredible brutalist houses:

Stamp House Charles Wright Architects

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