I’m not all that pretty and I don’t really consider myself to be fashionable. I’m a big dork with no filter and I often say inappropriate things at awkward times. I sing loudly in public and I’m clumsy as all heck. But for some CRAZY reason, this guy is in love with me. And my favorite part about disneybounding…my favorite part about doing just about anything…is making memories like this one with him. Here we are having dinner on Dapper Day while disneybounding as Lady and the Tramp. :) <3

New blog, seeks multi-fandom followers :)

Hello tumblrverse!!!!

This is a brand new blog that Vince and I have started to document our adventures and share the goofy, geeky, randomness of our lives!

The primary purpose of this blog is to be sort of an online scrapbook that we can look back on when we’re old and show our grandkids, BUT we’d LOOOOVE for you to follow us on our journey as well.

We are always excited to make new friends with similar interests (we’ve met some of our BEST friends on tumblr) so if you follow us, we will be sure to follow back (but sorry, no nsfw…not on this blog, anyway <creepy wink>).

So give us a follow, say hello, and don’t be a stranger to our ask box! :)