Intricate Geometric Animal Illustrations by Kerby Rosanes

Kerby Rosanes aka Sketchy Stories is an illustrator from Manila, Philippines. The young sketch artist specializing in amazingly detailed and elaborate doodles has been recognized by international and notable art communities after reverting to a part time professional career in design and has been featured in design blogs and magazines.

“Doodling” is looked down as a lesser refined art technique but Rosanes has brought the humble art to the forefront with his intricately detailed, creative and complex drawings. Taking a plain black fine marker to a sheet of paper, he explores a versatile range of themes such as  surrealism, abstract art, cartoons, and complex floral patterns. From precisely mimicked animal portraits with a face partially made from mechanical gears similar to clockwork, and many portraits and subjects trapped together in the middle of inseparable yet opposing elements, the artist depicts the struggle of contemporary with classic.

Kerby Rosanes has amassed a huge following on his Instagram profile where he showcases most of his work. The artist has come a long way from sketching doodles as a hobby to becoming a  professional artist whose works are recognized and appreciated by fans and critics alike. You can buy his work in his Society6 shop.

The New Abstracts #71
Spain, Nobody has to Know
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Let’s write Kanji 何[ka] in regular script

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This time is 「何」 in regular script.

何[なに nani] = what

何故[なぜ na ze] = why

何時[なんじ nan ji] = what time

何人[なんにん nan nin] = how many people

何才、何歳[なんさい nan sai] = how old

幾何[きか ki ka] = geometry


Stroke order








8. 完成(かんせい) Finish

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Eidetic Multidimensional System by Jeremy Jae