geometry is fun

Here is a sneaky sneak peek of one of my pieces for an upcoming group exhibition called Again & Again. It’s about patterns and geometry and all that fun stuff. The opening is September 5, 7-9 pm at Fawn Gallery in Collingwood, Melbourne.

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Geometry anon-- okay sorry last one... just sorry for ranting to you just none of my friends get why I like him because well he's like Monty okay I'm done know

No need to apologize! You can hit up my inbox any time!

If he truly is like Monty, just be careful. As much as we love to romanticize Monty and make him into a jerk with a heart of gold, in real life it doesn’t always work out that way. Know what signs to look out for if this guy has anger problems similar to Monty and don’t be afraid to cut ties with him if he displays his anger towards you in any way.

The appeal of a jerk is certainly one I understand, and a lot of “jerks” are really just insecure guys, so keep on with the flirty banter so long as you feel comfortable doing so with him. The moment it’s no longer comfortable or you sense something is “off” then stop.

Fingers crossed he’s a good guy and that the two of you end up connecting :) Don’t hesitate to send me more asks if you’d like to keep talking.

there are adults who get a kick out of being mean to trans kids and its so fucking sickening

a freshman at my school tried to explain they/them pronouns to the geometry teacher and he made fun of them and called them an it in front of the class

a fucking!!!! freshman

youre fucking 50 years old and a teacher grow the fuck up