geometry cat

What The Signs Remind ME Of

Aries: sparks, dragons, newborn chickens, carousel horses, glass eyes, water on a windshield

Taurus: thestrals from Harry Potter, crisp money, icy ponds, grey clouds, popcorn

Gemini: demon infants, wavy black hair, thunder, cat pupils, geometry, sleepy air, feeling of being watched

Cancer: lollipops, clean wood, grass clippings, sunshine, sleepwalking, stealing fries at lunch

Leo: butts, short jean shorts, tan legs, caramel apples, huge cornfields, a kicking gun, a lethal stare, kickboxing

Virgo: the unused little nooks and crannies of public places, elevators, fluffy blankets, marshmallows, black and white TVs

Libra: velvet, pretzels, fuzzy rugs, lace, golden tassels, marble floors, foggy glass, ripples in water, down pillows

Scorpio: shiny metal, smeared paint, red eyes, dark hallways, cricked noises, scythes, green eyes, bed sheets

Sagittarius: light laughs, radishes, narcissism, brand-new cars, sandy beaches, thumb tacks, plaid

Capricorn: ET, starry nights, android OS, pianos, owls, light wood, fall leaves

Aquarius: moss, jellyfish, candles, white lights, fluffy feathers, chocolate

Pisces: silk, bones, grey mud, ice cold eyes, echoing laughter, dappled sunlight, creaking wood, poetry, dusty books, city sounds, dark wood