Graphic designer Ross Gunter makes the case for less being more in an ongoing personal poster design series. He emphasizes a simple, standout graphic on an identical layout for a club night in London.

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A cool geometric travel print for Portland, Oregon. Keep it weird, guys. Find it on Etsy! Use Coupon Code TUMBLR at checkout for 10% off.


Some Other New Year by Ivorin Vrkaš & Corporeal Geometrics

“Some Other New Year provides an artistic perspective on the passing of time and introduces a discourse on personal motifs and recollections connected with moments in life. Through the exhibition and accompanying calendar Corporeal Geometrics curates a visual narrative told through twenty four temporal impressions from Croatian and Serbian artists.”

 Artists: Miron Milić, Lonac, Klasja Habjan, Booboo Tannenbaum, Melinda Šefčić,Dragan Kordić, Marko Vilipić, Hana Tintor, Filip Peraić, Paolo Čerić, Artez, Tamara Pešić, Mirko Rastić, Ivorin Vrkaš, Andrea Resner, Stipan Tadić, Zlatan Vehabović, Vedran Klemens

Credits: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design, Copywriting & Presentation Photography - Ivorin Vrkaš, Project Management, Organisation & Exhibition Keeping - Gregor Mihaljević, Press, Copywriting & Exhibition Keeping - Tom Palinić, Filming, Editing & Exhibition Photography - Bojan Haron

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