the neon shudder logo happened accidentally.  i wanted to try my hand at some geometric art to go with my music and the first gif is the result of that.

the image after that, #2, is a manipulated version of that.  it’s actually a bit of laziness as i needed to throw something in for coverart when i released damage patterns ahead of the Vestigial Data EP.

after i broke my gif for that, i really enjoyed the shape of the left piece so i traced it, copied it, and outlined it and the logo was born.  i really only intended it for use on the vestigial data EP.  but then cataphractals came and i had no idea what to do for cover art.  i took pieces of it and manipulated it again.  i wasn’t happy with the image but i needed something on short notice.

when omens came along i wanted to give the cover art a dark feel. i had considered using a photo for it (seen here) but ultimately went back to my logo.  i made a darker version and tried to give it a sort of occult feel to go with the halloween/evil theme of the EP.

since then i’ve done a bunch of other variations whether it’s just for fun or for t-shirts.

the behold a pale horse version is probably my current favorite, if nothing else, because it was a pain in the ass to get that glitching to look just the way i wanted it to.

just a little insight to the creative process.

Unendiliche GIF von David Whyte

Shapes within shapes.

Triangles within squares, within rectangles, the appearance of the shape due to colour, could just be the opening for another ‘space’ with added depth, the depth extending far beyond into the mystery of black. 

Checker patterns, each block can be comprised of several smaller shapes, which becomes apparent as the white swivels over the black.

Each shape can be comprised of many triangles or squares. 


Came up with the idea of this Punny Animals Series awhile ago, when i suddenly found myself obsessed with geometric drawings. Printed 3 of these designs(bunny,giraffe and elephant) on totebags, available here.

- Heat Transfer Printed
- Washable, will not fade/flake

- 13.6" (H) x 16.1" (W) x 2.1" (D)
- Total length of Handle - 23"
- Top of Handle to bag opening - 11"

- Cotton
- Factory Stitch