geometric short

“Look, look, Aoko thinks this one turned out pretty cool!”

  “You drenched both me and the camera, Ahoko, I don’t see anything
   cool about that!” 

“Well, at least one of those things was waterproof, Kaito. Besides, if you’re just gonna complain about it, maybe Aoko should ask Hakuba-kun to take the next one?” 

      “I’d be happy to help, Aoko-kun.”

  “Hey, I am not letting Hakuba anywhere near my waterproof camera! It’s
   delicate, okay, what if he accidentally sets it on fire or something – ”

[hydrokinetic!Aoko (mop not shown) from flash point, aka my oops-suddenly-an-AU ‘verse, also featuring a pyrokinetic detective, plus Kaito being even more impossible than usual. (Saguru is not amused by either of these, thank you very much.)]


Andrey Lukovnikov - Wroclaw Poland 

DM // IG or FB: @lukovnikovtattoo